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  • Sakai 2.9 - Login Screen Training Tool Accessibility Walkthrough Script
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Login Screen Training Tool Accessibility Walkthrough Script

This walkthrough is for any persona (user has not logged in yet).

Start of Walkthrough Script

Browse to Server and Don't Log In

  • If already logged into any Sakai instances, log out of all of them.
  • Close all web browser windows.
  • Reopen the web browser.
  • Browse to the Sakai server being tested.
  • Make sure Sakai doesn't act as if you are logged in (should be a username and password field displayed for logging in).

Find Tool

  • Without logging in, use the tools list (accesskey "Alt+l") to activate the "Training" tool.

Determine What Tool or Tools are Currently Displayed in the Main Content Area

  • Examine the page.
  • If any tools are being displayed, list them.

Read the Tool Content

  • For each tool found in the step above, find the tool's content and read it aloud.

End of Walkthrough Script

That's it!

Pre-Walkthrough Setup Setup

This section documents how to create the necessary content to perform the above walkthrough script. It is not part of the walkthrough itself. It is expected that a person with the ability to log into the QA server with admin rights will create this content before the walkthrough takes place.

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