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  • Sakai 2.9 - Login Screen New Account Tool Accessibility Walkthrough Script
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Login Screen New Account Tool Accessibility Walkthrough Script

This walkthrough is for any persona (user has not logged in yet).

Start of Walkthrough Script

Browse to Server and Don't Log In

  • If already logged into any Sakai instances, log out of all of them.
  • Close all web browser windows.
  • Reopen the web browser.
  • Browse to the Sakai server being tested.
  • Make sure Sakai doesn't act as if you are logged in (should be a username and password field displayed for logging in).

Find Tool

  • Without logging in, use the tools list (accesskey "Alt+l") to activate the "New Account" tool.

Read the Tool Content

  • Read the tool's content and describe what you think you the tool allows you to do.

Create a New Account

  • Create a new account using the following information. Please remember to describe your thinking process and thoughts on your experiences aloud as you work. Include descriptions of the strategy you are using, keystrokes used, what you are expecting to happen, what you are looking/listening for, etc.:
    • User ID: blackbeard1
    • Name: Edward Teach
    • Email: hardy@r.r
    • Password: plunder

Reset the Tool/Form

  • Reset the tool or form as required to prepare for entering another account.

Create a New Account

  • Use the same tool to create another account using the following information:
    • User ID: cmason1842
    • Name: Charlotte Mason
    • Email:
    • Password: discipline

End of Walkthrough Script

That's it!

Pre-Walkthrough Setup Setup

This section documents how to create the necessary content to perform the above walkthrough script. It is not part of the walkthrough itself. It is expected that a person with the ability to log into the QA server with admin rights will create this content before the walkthrough takes place.

  • Make sure the above User IDs do not already exist in the test server. If they do, modify the User IDs as needed to be unique.
  • Notes: The first account's email address is purposely invalid. This is to generate a hopefully surprise error message that the user needs to detect and react to. The second set of account information should work just fine assuming the ID is not already in the system.
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