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  • Sakai 2.9 - CKEditor Walkthrough Script
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CKEditor Accessibility Walkthrough Script

This walkthrough is for the Student persona.

Start of Walkthrough Script

Login and Find Editor

  • Login with the "arckedit1" user account.
  • In the worksites list (accesskey "Alt+w"), activate the "ARCKEdit 101" course site link.
  • In the tools list (accesskey "Alt+l"), activate the "Assignments" link.
  • In the Assignment List, find "Assignment 1" and activate its link.

Find the Editor

  • Navigate to the body of the editor where text is entered and edited.
  • Have Walkthrough administrator verify focus is now in the body of the editor

Bring Up the Editor Help

  • The editor has a hot key that brings up help for the editor. Find that hot key, and bring up the editor help.
  • In the Help Dialog, find the hotkey combinations for navigating to the toolbar and for exiting the toolbar.

Type a Document Using Various Formats

  • Note: Please follow the following instructions as close as possible
  • Type the following sentence as a level one heading:
    • My Favorite Fruits
  • Type the following two sentences as a paragraph:
    • This paper is about my favorite fruits.
    • It will describe the various factors contributing to my fruit eating habits.
  • Bold the word "my" in the last sentence.
  • Create the following as a level two heading:
    • Season
    • All Time Favorites
    • Conclusion
  • Insert a blank line between the "Season" and "All Time Favorites" headings.
  • Make sure the format is correct for entering a paragraph (format should be normal).
  • Enter the following sentence for the paragraph:
    • My favorite fruit changes by season.
  • Insert a four column, two row table with the following:
    • The first row should be headers
    • Use the following as the table caption:
      • My Favorite Fruit by Season
    • Enter the following 4 values into the header row:
      • Winter
      • Spring
      • Summer
      • Fall
    • Enter the following values into the 2nd row:
      • Apricots
      • Strawberries
      • Summer
      • Fall
  • Insert a blank line between the "All Time Favorites" and "Conclusion" headings.
  • make sure the format is correct for entering a paragraph (format should be normal).
  • Enter the following sentence for the paragraph:
    • Here is a list of my all time favorite fruits:
  • Create an unordered list and enter the following three fruits as list items:
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Kiwi
  • After the "Conclusion" heading, add the following sentence:
    • I hope you have found this interesting!
  • Preview your work. If it looks good to you, then Submit it.
  • Did you receive a submission confirmation?


  • Logout of Sakai

End of the Walkthrough Script

This is the end of the Walkthrough Script

Pre-Walkthrough Setup

This section documents how to create the necessary content to perform the above walkthrough script. It is not part of the walkthrough itself. It is expected that a person with the ability to log into the QA server with admin rights will create this content before the walkthrough takes place.

Login as Admin

Create two users:

  • arckeins
  • arckedit1

Create a course

  • Title: ARCKEdit 101
  • Add the Assignments tool
  • Add user "arckeins" as a participant with the "instructor" role
  • Add user "arckedit1" as a participant with the "student" role


Login as "arckeins"

Create an Assignment

  • In the "AR CKEdit 101" Course Site, create an assignment called "Assignment 1"
  • Make sure it will be visible when the walkthrough script will be performed.
  • Set student submissions to "Inline only"
  • Allow Resubmission for an unlimited number of times
  • In the Assignment Instructions, enter:
    • Please type a report about your favorite fruit or fruits.
  • Post the assignment


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