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  • Sakai 2.3 Comments and Test Results
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This page is for general comments about Sakai 2.3 testing, as well as accessibility test results. Reviews for individual tools are included in the attachments section, as is a summary document for JAWS results. Special thanks to Mary Stores and her colleagues at the Accessibility Resource Center at Indiana University, and her Director, Margaret Londergan, for making her time available to Sakai.

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  1. From Mary Stores at Indiana University:

    Here are two universal Sakai problems, in addition to issues found for individual tools:

    1. The FCK Editor has some major accessibility issues. All of the
    graphics designed for spell checking and other editing purposes are
    labeled with the same nondescript label: "graphic
    default/fck/edit/strip." The field where a person types in main content
    also has that same label.

    2. Between the Main Content and the tool headings, there is a Reset
    graphical link announced by JAWS but not visible to a sighted person.
    The question mark icon appears twice in the html code as a link. The
    first time it appears as <img src="library/image/transparent.gif"
    alt="Reset" />. Jaws is reading the Reset alt tag and it is confusing
    to users, because it is actually a Help icon. The second time the icon
    appears it is surrounded by the accesskey information and is labeled as
    Help. The second link is accessible to JAWS users, while the Reset link
    is confusing.