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  • Request Assistance or Participate in the Accessibility Working Group
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The Sakai Accessibility Working Group is always happy to take your questions, perform accessibility evaluations, and to provide design guidance.  We also work on developing Sakai's accessibility goals,accessibility guidelines and checklists, accessibility testing, and accessibility documentation.

You can contact us with questions or participate in the following ways.

Attend Meetings

Attend the Sakai Accessibility Working Group's Bi-Weekly Teleconference.

If you have specific questions or topics you would like to discuss, please feel free to add your questions to an upcoming meeting agenda and include your name (in case you are not able to attend).  Current or upcoming meeting agendas and past meeting notes can be found on the Sakai Accessibility Teleconference Information page.

Contact via Email to Request Help or Participate

General Questions/Information

Email questions to Tiffany Stull or the Sakai User or Sakai Dev mailing lists (please include [a11y] in the subject of your email!)

Participate in Accessibility QA Testing

Email Mike Brousseau and Ron McGettrick to get involved in QA testing Sakai Accessibility issues.


Thank you!