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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for for Wednesday July 20, 2016 and August 3, 2016
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Matt Clare, Brock University (July 20 & August 3)
Neal Caidin, Apereo (August 3)
Tiffany Stull, U. Va (July 20 & August 3)
Shanghyun Jeon, Claremont Colleges (August 3)


rA11y work
Let's review what we can during this call.
453 instances have been consolidated to 51 JIRA-issues 
The export from SSB Bart has been reviewed for:
  • Correct component
  • additional brief community summary
  • additional note
  • Add {code} {code} and {noformat} as needed
The complete list of 51 rA11y related JIRAs can be found by searching for the label rA11y (case counts)
There are some with the label rA11y:auto-imported that could use some more human review  "Ensure screen reader specific content is rendered off-screen rather than hidden or not displayed"  has emerged as a wide-ranging issues that might be easy to solve, as Lessons has already 
  -- Need to figure out how to add this to SASS-based CSS in Sakai
  -- Target Sakai 11.2 as an additional class, confirm with Lessons they're OK with that, and invite adopt with gidence
  -- Firefox's Fangs Addon will be a god testing tool

Other Issues

  1. Thinking about another Sakai community tool
  2. (Talked about rWiki's known issues, versus Etherpads and web-document tools O365/Google Apps/ZoHo?)
  3. update

Other JIRAs of note - Accessibility:  IE loses focus when navigating between screens using the keyboard = Won’t fix  .  
Next call is to be Wed Aug 17 13:00:00 EDT, 2016 ( Wed Aug 17 17:00:00 GMT, 2016 ), but Matt can't make it.
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