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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for Wednesday April 27, 2016
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Matt Clare, Brock University
 Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation/ Sakai
Tiffany Stull, U.Va.
Chris Lorch, Duke
Dave E., JohnsonU
Matt Jones, Longsight and old person

rA11y Update:

    Turned over  to SSB
    Current timeline is:
Testing      Mon  5/23/16
  • Manual Testing  Fri  5/20/16
  • Global Testing  Mon  5/23/16
  • JAWS Use Case Testing  Tue  5/17/16
  • Windows Magnifier Use Case Testing  Mon  5/9/16
  • Windows On-screen Keyboard Case Testing  Mon  5/23/16
Reporting  Thu  6/2/16
  • Analysis and Authoring Fri  5/27/16
  • Copy Editing of Analysis report  Mon  5/30/16
  • WCAG Stmt  Wed  6/1/16
  • Copy Editing of WCAG  Thu  6/2/16
Conference  Call Wed   6/8/16
  • Conference Call Delivery Wed 6/8/16

Slack channel for the accessibility group? 


Sakai 11:

Finish going over the accessibility review from Rutgers  (thanks again!):
-  New Sakai Issues - Broken - UnAccessible - Google Doc Version:  (left note where we wrapped up)
  -- Last issue we looked at was header differences.   Matt C. has since found lots of advice on not faking headings and being sequential - but none on size.  Anyone else have any leads?
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