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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes for Wednesday April 13, 2016
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Matt Clare
Neal Caidin, Apereo / Sakai
Candace Girard
Tiffany Stull
Rob Egan
rA11y Update:
    Are we ready to get a final update to and turn it over to SSB?
     Is this an example of where our collective expertise ends and we need to turn the remaining issues over to SSB ?  - Tested, open new ticket
     Apereo Farm:
         "FARM provides support for the launch and implementation of community projects to improve Apereo software by making projects visible, soliciting feedback, identifying and connecting stakeholders with common interests, cataloging processes and templates to create efficiencies, and coordinating mechanisms for funding and development."
Sakai 11:
Finish going over the accessibility review from Rutgers  (thanks again!):
-  New Sakai Issues - Broken - UnAccessible - Google Doc Version:
We are investigating the difference between heading sizes in Sakai 11, and found the following sources:
Base Defaults for SCSS are in
#{$default-font-size}+8 + 6
Some other defaults are in:
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