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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday May 17, 2017
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Matt Clare, Brock University
Neal Caidin, Apereo/Sakai
Benjamin Rappleyea, Illinois State University
Shawn F, Western U
Hans Hillen, TPG
Kyle Blythe, NYU
Ron McGettrick , llinois State University
Jen Berthmann, llinois State University
Matt J., Longsight
Considering what to do to make Rich Text Editor less intrusive for people who use screen reader / keyboard nav, related to
From Illinois State University: Here is the 3 options (ideas) that we discussed with Longsight:
  1. Option 1
    Can the CKEditor default to text box ( similar to what you see in Test and Quizzes) with a hyper link above the text box that links to the current ckeditor configuration ?"
    Our functional group, thinks that maybe if this is possible to do through Reggienet with limited coding, then this might be the simplest option to make it easier for screen reader user, where they simply would enter in a blank text box their wording and a visual user who wants more detail can click on the hyper link then could see the full ckeditor options.
  2. 2nd option
    Instead of seeing the Ckeditor...can it be replaced by a combo box with two options in it (Option A - Basic Ckeditor and Option B - Advance editor)
    The Basic Ckeditor would be used by screen reader and be very basic, Advance editor would our new custom editor with a lot of tools in it.
    The functional group thought if this is possible then a user regardless if they are a screen reader or visual could both go in to same combo and select the type of editor.
  3. Option 3
    Display both an open text box with an Advance Ckeditor below it, and a user could use either the text box or editor to enter their text.
  4. Option 4?
    Make sure we talk about the Editor in the Tutorial?


ISU to verify on        Organize Favorites feature cannot be accessed at all by keyboard users   -- ISU to verify
We are trying to figure out what might be happening with        Accessibility block for visually impaired users - iPhone Voice Screen Reader  -- Asked Hans from TPG to take a look        Patch to allow CKEditor Accessibility Checker to be added to CKEdit        Font Awesome Icons need alt text in skip/screen reader only class - Matt Js to fix workflow Override bootstrap tab-focus that provides invalid focus for Firefox Add keyboard controls Automatically add new sites to your Favorites bar Add keyboard controls to favorites drag-and-drop
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