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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes Wednesday July 22, 2015
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Matt Clare
Neal Caidin
Matt Jones
Kyle Blythe
Rob Egan


New time and maybe some new people

Every other Wednesday at 1:00 Eastern
How's that sound?

rA11y Plan Update 
    Invitations to contribute will be going out next week.
    Recording of June Webinar

Accessibility checker for CKEditor

Adam Marshall alerted Matt to this checker in from CKSource. It's available right now for CK Premium (comercial) but it's powered by the project (MIT Licence).
CKSource was asked to contribute it to Sakai 11 and have confirmed that they will open source.  What's left to do is confirm that it is compatible with Sakai's Educational Community License version 2.0 ( which is essentially Apache licence with 13 words missing).  According to the GNU’s information GPL 3 is compatible with the Apache license, but not GPL < 3 - confirmed by Apache - but that's not a certainty.
Word from CKSource is will release it "under GPLv2+, which comprehends version 3".   CKSource's rep says she's taking to the President and CTO to get a date.
Take it to the Apareo licensing group.   


 - almost ready...
 - Colour contest WCAG 2
 grease monkey script option for Sakai 11 , to address field focus? Matt to ask dev list. 
  Use label of "morpheus" in Jira. 
  Matt to send Neal appropriate color guidelines .
JIRAs for review/testing and for development work:
Let's see who we get on the call and we'll look at
From  Stephen Marquard:
Hi all,
Thinking of EMIs (also known as R-type MCQs) as matching one list of things with another is an over-simplification which may not be helpful in considering how to improve the UI.
In R-type MCQs, the options are thematically related to each other, and each item is almost like a separate question. Chapter 6 (pp. 71 - 97) in "Constructing Written Test Questions For the Basic and Clinical Sciences" from the NBME has an extensive description and examples:
I would also recommend looking at the original spec and examples:
Lastly, UCT commissioned the implementation of R-type MCQs (EMIs) in T&Q at the request of our Health Sciences Faculty, who use them extensively in online assessments. It would be helpful to hear from others who are using them, and actual experiences with students, to inform UI changes.
Stephen - Matt C to see if still in trunk
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