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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 12-13-2012
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  • Neal Caidin
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Jane Vincent
  • Brian Richwine
  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores
  • Scott Williams

Sakai 2.9.x

2.9 Accessibility Help Documentation

  • The draft of accessibility help document has been sent to the group by Jane and Gonzalo.
  • The group agrees that the document looks well organized, and that an attempt has been made to not be assistive technology specific.
  • The group also agrees that they would like more time to explore the document.

Release Team Meeting

  • Target for RC01 is next week.
  • There are 2 major bugs:
    • a performance issue in Gradebook with groups. There is a workaround property to turn off the feature.
    • The other is getting help documentation.
      • There are problems with how help the whole process works.
      • There aren’t a lot of translations for help documents.
  • There are also 70 other issues, 50 have been merged.
  • People are being asked to help retest the tickets to look for regressions around testing.
  • The Accessibility WG should retest fixes related to accessibility Jiras.
    • Every issue has been tagged as 2.9.1 triage.
    • A Google doc would be set up by Neal to indicate items that have been tested.
    • Another label could be added as 2.9.1 retested or re-verified.
    • The challenge with labels is not everyone updates them.
    • When an issue has been tested by someone, that person can email Neal.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

2.9.1 Release

  • There are about 10 Jiras that will marked for inclusion into 2.9.1

    • T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    • T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • There are other issues that did not get targeted at all, so perhaps they can be resolved in 2.9.2 release

  • Testing should continue as much as possible.

    • Joe will work with Brian to make sure the test server gets updated with new test builds.

    • Scott Williams and a Michigan student are working on testing as well.

  • Because of finals, collaborative testing will be pushed off to after Christmas break

  • Before Christmas break, the Accessibility WG will focus on tool review and once the RCs get release, reverify and do regression testing.

Any Other Business

Group Promotion and Leadership

  • A good first step would be to have a general Sakai webinar explaining the differences between 2.9 and 2.8.
  • Neil is planning on doing webinars.
    • This might give the group or Sakai community an opportunity to connect with other universities.
  • Also Neal sent out a call for security contact updates from schools to gain a fuller comprehension of who is currently using Sakai.
    • If these schools have active disability departments, it might be an opportunity to start a discussion there.
  • Brian says if a list of institution names can be obtained, the Accessibility WG have a broad knowledge of who’s who in the accessibility world.

Chat room Tool

  • Jane received an inquiry about the general accessibility of the site added (not the Neoportal) Chat tool.
  • The review of the 2.8 chat room tool got passed on.
    • Jane said it was generally helpful, though she has not heard anything from the person it got passed along to regarding if they thought it was helpful.
  • Because the majority of the content is text based, it is easy to find the updated content.
    • There were some minor problems with content not being updated.
  • A version was built with ARIA live set to announce only the new pieces.
    • At the time IE had a bug where it would announce everything but the new message.
    • Firefox and VoiceOver would announce the new message.
    • The WG felt that since IE and JAWs does the opposite of what it’s supposed to, it should not be included.
    • But if there is ever an accessibility preference option, it would be useful.
    • If it wasn’t working for a user, they could turn it off again.
  • Neal will bring up having three check boxes for Chat
    • One that would add ARIA announcements to update the general participants list in Chat
    • One that would announce general updates to the incoming messages
    • A check box that would allow anyone to turn on or off a noise that would sound when a new message comes in (an audio tone)

Next Meeting January 10

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