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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 12-11-2014
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Matt Clare
Neal Caidin
We'll be using Apereo's Calliflower account for this call
Default Dial-in Number:+1-323-375-2185
Conference Code: 8600146
Add ‘calliflowerskype’ as a contact in Skype.  You can then call
Calliflower directly from Skype with the Skype dialing pad.
Agenda/JIRAs: (your contributions apprecaited)
The preferred libraries in use in Sakai can be implemented to meet a high standard of accessibility.  The block element structures and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) roles have to be properly created and labelled.
Important Elements of Modal Dialog: 
  • The AIRA dialog role should be used to mark up any dynamic dialog or window that separates content or UI from the rest of the web application or page. 
  • A title block element should be associated with the modal div should have an ARIA attribute of aria-labelledby="ID" 
  • Keyboard focus must be properly assigned.
  • Tab order should be contained by the dialog
  • Upon closing, return focus to the activating element
Reference implementations can be found for the following libraries
Important Elements of Tool Tips
Best practices for tooltips are less established, but we would suggest
  • The content of the modal div should be derived from the title attribute of the triggering item
  • The triggering item should be associated with tooltip modal div should through an ARIA attribute of aria-labelledby="ID"
  • Tab focus on trigger item should trigger and then shift focus to the tooltip content, this can be done by making sure the activating item is an anchor tag, and targets the id of the modal div, so focus is placed on it.
  • Give the modal div a tabindex="-1" so that it can’t be accidentally tab’ed into.
  • Upon closing, return focus to the activating element.
Reference implementations can be found for the following libraries
Modal/Alert/Notification Options
Only example in Sakai currently is pnotify-based notifications.
 -- I think an example of this is on successful site create in 10???  If so, Chromevox never reads it.  Might need a review through JAWS to be defninitive. 
 project in (SAM, SAK, SIGNUP, STAT, KNL, LSNBLDR) AND (component = Accessibility OR labels = accessibility) AND status != Closed  
 Things that need a quick look (Matt to look and report back)
 -  Time to look into Morpheus?  Probably about the time when things has settled and it's worth a quick look.
 - Roster2 ininite scroll needs look
Next call, Jan 8, 2014
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