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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 11-15-2012
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  • Neil Caidin
  • Mary Stores
  • Joe Humbert
  • Jane Vincent
  • Scott Williams
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Julie Prianos & coworkers - Illinois State University

Sakai 2.9

Sakai 2.9 Release

  • 2.9.0 was released on November 9th, 2012
  • The release team plans on pushing out a 2.9.1 maintenance release that will focus on merging issues that didn't make it into 2.9.0
    • This release will come out before the Christmas Holiday
    • Any Jira issues that people would like considered for inclusion should already have a someone working on a patch, be patched, but not verified, or be verified and awaiting merge.
      • This issues should be marked with the tag/label "291triage"
      • Issues must be tagged by November 25th.
      • Already on the list were a couple accessibility issues
  • Joe is going to push to get the Critical Tests & Quizzes Jira ticket ( SAM-1295 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) included in the release. (Sam-1295 is the issue where radio buttons are grouped correctly, and not labeled so AT may confuse the wrong text.)
    • A lot of the accessibility fixes for Samigo that have been resolved and verified rely on 1295.
    • If you can’t use multiple choice questions, any accessibility enhancements won’t work if you can’t answer a question.
    • 1295 does not have a patch.
    • Neil says if he can get developer attention to fix the issue and QA volunteers as well, there would be a shot at getting it in to 2.9.1
      • It needs be in trunk and QAed by first week of December.
    • Neil will reach out to Karen at Samigo team. Neil will write directly to team and inform everyone.

2.9.0 Release notes

  • Neil asked the group to write accessibility related release notes to discuss improvements.The draft went around to the WG listserv
  • New members can go to to join the accessibility WG listserv or read the archives

2.9.1 Release

  • There are about 10 Jiras that will marked for inclusion into 2.9.1

    • T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

    • T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  • There are other issues that did not get targeted at all, so perhaps they can be resolved in 2.9.2 release.

Sakai Accessibility Help Documentation

  • Accessibility specific help info for Sakai can be improved to help users get around to familiarize themselves with the issues.
  • Jane and Gonzalo volunteer to do a first draft and review the current information.

Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review

Reviews in Progress

  • Scott and a Michigan student have be investing a great deal of time in the Sakai accessibility review work.  They have posted numerous review on the Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review (2012) web page.
  • They will continue to go through the high priority tools.

Fixed/Resolved/Verified Jiras

  • List navigator buttons with ASCII characters have been fixed. 
  • Profile2 birth date form and calendar widget.
  • Some unlabeled form fields have been patched.

Discuss Escalating Minor issues to Major

  • The maintenance team does not the resources to address at any issues marked with minor or below.
  • Due to the fact that any Jira issues marked as "Minor" many never get address, Joe proposed changing significant minor issues into Major issues if the group deems it necessary.

  • Going though current outstanding minor issues, there are 10.
  • They are very insignificant.
    • Example, not useful table summary, missing table summary, not descriptive alt text. It may be documented in help documentation.
  • Scott proposed that we change the definition of a Minor issue in our review definition to include the fact that no Jira will be submitted if an issue is marked as Minor.

Any Other Business

  • Collaborative test and quizzes testing is tabled till the next meeting.  A doodle poll with times will be sent out to the group.
  • Accessibility Preferences will be pushed off until after Christmas break.
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