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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 11-10-2011
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  • Scott Williams
  • Joe humbert
  • Mary Stores

2.9 Testing

  • Scott has had his hands full with Google testing. He did additional testing for an ATHEN study.
  • He did travel to a sattellite campus to help a user who has had difficulty using Forums with JAWS.
  • Some useful keystrokes for the student to contribute to discussions on Forums:
    • Numpad plus takes the user out of Forms Mode, thus elliminating the need to press shift-tab.
    • the student can press Insert-F5 to bring up the Forms List, then navigate to where JAWS says something like, "FCK Edit Strip edit" and press Enter. focus will move to the edit field where text can be entered.
  • Scott will continue working on the items he signed up for on the 2.9 Accessibility Review page.
  • He should have the rest of November clear to develop a significant amount of time.
  • Scott's write up for a tool evaluation has been posted.
  • Joe and Mary worked on the Assignments tool, from both student and instructor walkthroughs.
  • The instructor walkthrough script needs to be more robust. Mary will add more to that walkthrough based on the testing that she and Joe did.
  • Joe has to talk to Brian about how to report the issues he and Mary found.
  • Joe and Mary are hoping to continue testing both Announcements and Gradebook with JAWS and Firefox.
  • The reason we are testing those tools specificly is because Brian mentioned at the last teleconference that those were important.
  • Mary and Brian tested Become a User and Worksite Setup.
  • The need for documentation was discussed as one of the major issues. The documentation would orient the user to the tool and explain how to accomplish tasks.
  • There were also a quite a few out-of-date table summaries.

Sakai 3 Accessibility Progress

  • Mary and Joe gave a screen reader presentation to the Sakai OAE Dev conference.
  • It was an eye opening experience, they said.
  • Due to the changing nature of OAE and and the fact that Mary and Joe were testing two different implementations with varying styles of code,, there was some confusion and stumbling around at first.
  • One of the web developers said: "It is eye opening on how a screen reader works and hwo they see things. A lot of work will need to be done."
  • Maybe they will need to rethink of how to create new features. they are using a lot of dynamic scripting for actions.
  • They are open to having Mary test different tools in the future.
  • Some people were open to watching other videos to show walkthroughs on how to change things.
  • Accessibility work on OAE has died down because they want to develop other features for the 1.1 release.
  • For 1.2 there will be another big accessibility push.
  • The accessibility statement issue with the OAE still needs to be brought up. Due to the screen reader demo being so long, there was not enough time so that will have to be for another time.
  • Gonzalo is also doing more work for OAE now.
  • Joe realizes that Dragon Naturally Speaking may not work very well with OAE.
  • Version 1.1 will be released in December.
  • There are a couple of schools who have deployed 1.0, but the levels which they deployed it vary.
  • Most other schools are deploying it alongside CLE.
  • Joe will bring more information about which schools have deployed OAE and the degrees to which they have deployed it to the next teleconference.
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