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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 11-04-2010
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h1 Sakai Teleconference 11/04/10


  • One IU student tester
  • Joe Humbert
  • Brian Richwine
  • Mary Stores
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Updates and Jira Activity

  • 2.8 is being released, along with another alpha release.

    Removing Blur

  • Brian tried to get all the on calls for the blur to be removed.
  • However, those won't get removed until Alpha Rlease 4 or Candidate 1.
  • Pushing to get those into 2.8.0.
  • Some people thought it was a feature change, but Anthony White agreed it was a bug.
  • So Brian can focus on verifying all those tickets.
  • This will be tricky because they went through code to find calls to the blur function. Now
  • Brian will have to find all the events that activate this. There might be e-mail traffic where Brian is asking for help in finding it.

Reviews of Tools

Jira reports have been filed for accessibility reviews that Mary, a student tester, and Brian have done.

  • Issues found include simple cases like asterisks outside the label.
  • There is one left to be verified.
  • Joe asked about Jira tickets.
  • Blur has one umbrella Jira and q5 sub-tasks.
  • Brian had to apply patch for all of them. This way, it will beeasier to track to see how much has been fixed.

Foals for Remaining Jiras

  • Assign new priorities to ones that are out there.
  • push someone to create the patch or make one ourselves.
  • The outstanding jira page is larger than it has been before.
  • Message and Forums Jiras that are old, so we will have to see if they are still an issue.
  • This is a lower priority thing, but Mary and Brian will do when they have free time.

Accessibility Review Recording Process

  • Brian did FA results in Profile.
  • It is no longer an attachment; people can just click on it and see it.
  • There is also a column for subject, results, recommendations, and priorities and one called Jiras.
    So the various issues can be looked at and we can see if there is a Jira out there.
  • This will be better than Word versions. Editing the tables may be next to impossible to do.
  • Joe will convert the Word documents to that.

Current Tool Testing

  • Joe tested both student and instructor sides of the Podcast tool.
  • Joe and Brian will conduct a teleconference to go over the Jiras and create patches.
  • Mary, a student tester, and Brian have looked at Chat and Forums tools. That information will be posted next week.
  • The Assignments tool will be looked at soon.
  • Basic LTI and profiles as well as Resources has been looked at by Brian.
  • Another tester will be doing testing using a Mac and VoiceOver. He also has an iPad.

Accessibility issues update

FCK conversion to CKEditor

  • A lot of people have done wonderful work towards that process.
  • A committee works on what to put into Sakai has decided to put CK Editor into 2.8, but the the user has to enable it.
  • By default it's set to the FCKEditor.
  • Once we get done with the accessibility review, Brian will configure the server to switch over to that so we can test it.
  • They expect to find bugs in implementation.
  • It will probably go live in 2.9.
  • We may have to do more traditional QA testing as well as accessibility testing.
  • Alan Berg has not designated anyone to do this yet.

Select elements with onchange event handlers

  • Patches have been applied where the blur is taken out of onchange.
  • jQuery event handler thatwill only run when IE is in use to make select element interactions keyboard accessible.
  • It will be implemented in 2.9.
  • The event handler code already written has been cleaned up.
  • IE9 doesn't seem to fix the issue.

Form input buttons that have less-than greather-than

  • Brian attended EASI webinars on LMS accessibility.
  • Moodle has a lot of buttons incated by punctuation that are used for paging through lists.
  • Moodle used the button element, put the ASCII character in, and they used a span.
  • It would be inappropriate to use a solution in some places and not others. so it's still out there to find a more universal solution.
  • Brian has it in his head to write a jQuery script to make this more accessible, but that's a future project.

Pop-up Messages.

  • Gonzalo requested best practice for dealing with these.
  • When we attended the webinar for SoftChalk, the plugin Sakai uses for some content, they claimed to come up with accessible pop-up messages.
  • Someone needs to look at the code to see what they have done.
  • In sakai, have a ttle tag on element with mouseover, have DHTML that comes up on mouseover or click or receives keyboard focus. We will also have to see if being used in Sakai 3.

Implicitly labeled check boxes and radio buttons

  • There is a jQuery script that Gonzalo wrote and Brian tweaked that can be put out in several places.
  • We need to identify these places.
  • The script finds any check boxes or radio buttons, anywhere where the implicit label technique is and not used the for to tye the label into the iD.
  • It decides if iD on input, it ties it.
  • If not, it generates a new ID and applies that to input control in the label.
  • It's in use in one place in Sakai right now.
  • We need to write up instructions on how to implement it and submit patches to do that work.
  • It will be in 2.9.
  • If we put information off screen, it can be written in prose form.

Accessibility Issue

  • When sending a message out, when selecting multiple recipients, this is problematic.

After Review

  • Once done with review, we need to work on Sakai 3.
  • They are already close to the first release.
  • Some universities will start using it.
  • We will have to create a walkthrough.
  • There was also talk to creating a best practice widget.
  • We need to send an e-mail ot Sakai 3 UI group to remind them about the widget, and see if there is a widget they would recommend we look at.
  • We will also need to ask about a best practice for coding, international issues, across the bord.
  • Brian was thinking calling Eli to see about this.
  • If you are monitoring e-mail lists or browsing around in confluence, keep this in mind.
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