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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 10-27-2011
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  • Scott Williams
  • Brian Richwine
  • Mary Stores
  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Indiana University Student

Creating A testing Protocol

  • A link to the Firefox comprehensive testing protocol was sent out to professionals of accessibility. Not much feedback was received.
  • Maybe we should make a protocol more friendly to the avrage Sakai developer, one that is immediately useable to folks who aren't developers at all.
  • Brian wants to make a five-step testing protocol that developers can perform for their own tools, and then make videos to demonstrate the steps.
  • People following the protocol would test for page titles, headings, frame titles, link text and form labels and keyboard-only operability.
  • Brian will write one up tonight to see if anything more needs done.
  • Scott Williams has slides that he uses for his "train the trainer" sessions when people test at his university.
  • Testing for color contrast issues is not necessary in this protocol, because they are minor. Also, most schools skin it and change it.
  • The WG would have to discuss how to test for text magnification.
  • Forms with onfocus or onchange input would be easy to test and should be included in the protocol.
  • One step in the 5-step protocol would be to look at the page title, frame title(s) and headings for each tool.
  • Think of it as categories or areas to check.
  • Gonzalo has volunteered to help give feedback about the protocol.
    With some experience, you could do the protocols very fast, especially if you already have an awareness.
  • There is a heading on a form for the Site Browser tool that should really be a fieldset, so that would be a good example of a heading structure to demo in a video that needs improvement.

Developing a New checklist for Developers

  • Mike Elledge wrote a development check list (Microsoft Word 97-2003) ('s+Developer's+Guidelines+Development) that was a page and a half, which has received more visibility lately.
  • Brian is hoping to make this new checklist shorter than the check list.
  • There is also an -draft accessibility style guide from 2004 (Word doc on same page)'s+Developer's+Guidelines+Development that talks about how Sakai should be accessible.
  • The accesibility check list will be drafted after review.

Creating a Walkthrough Script for the Admin User Tool

  • Brian was wondering what is the best list to send question on how to use the Admin User tool,

Scott's Accessibility Evaluation of the Preferences Tool

  • Scott found it difficult to move items in the list to a different place using JAWS.
  • The top item in the active sites cannot be moved to the left. you can move it to the archives, but can't move it to the favorites.
  • If you make the page really small, then it will work right, but it is a bug with the tool.
  • it may be that ARIA roles should be set.
  • Better descriptions for the items are needed.
  • There is a time limit status not announced to screen reader users.

Global accessibility Issues Found

  • Scott says it would be good to have the skip nav links visible on focus, b/c it would help mobility impairments.
  • Brian has worked on a patch for it, but he is not sure what the status of that jira is.
  • The trick would be whether the institution wants this option.

    Expand/contract navigation Sidebar

  • On the notifications page, there are headings to expand or contract radio buttons that are not true headings.
  • Scott was unable to receive keyboard focus at least on the Mac side, but true for PC side.
  • Brian wrote a patch for the Samigo Tests and quizzes tool in order to make those accessible.
  • The expand/contract navigation image for the sidebar menu does not have visible keyboard focus.
  • The focus disappears while you go through the ten items on the navigation bar.
  • Scott was using Firefox on the windows side.
  • Keyboard focus was there using Firefox 7 for Brian, but did not work in 6 for Scott.
  • Brian saw standard dotted outline used to indicate keyboard focus.
  • Some links disappear when you contract the sidebar.
  • It can cause a lot of confusion for people with cognitive disabilities, as well as screen-reader users, because for screen reader users, they do not know whether the sidebar is expanded or contracted by default.
  • They should go out of tabindex when contracted, so that they
    will still show up in the links list for screen reader users.
  • The navigation could be expands when tabbed to.


  • The Profilew tool has a lot more features now compared to the when the original walkthrough scrip was createdt.
  • For instance, there is now a privacy section.
  • Generally, this tool still seems not keyboard accessible.
  • Brian has started looking at it, but Scott will look as well.
  • Brian has noticed a major accessibility issue with this tool.
  • All the edit buttons appear to have contextual text with it, but they don't appear to have the right text.
  • When style sheets are disabled, staff info, contact info, etc. line up.
  • they are probably labeled in the wrong order.

Sakai 3 Update

  • At last Wednesday's teleconference, Joe discussed with everyone how accessibility tickest should be addressed.
  • The biggest accessibility improvement is that there was work done to make form validation accessible in one instance.
  • Chris Roby turned it into the framewowrk so it can be used for all production instances.
  • He demoed it yesterday.
  • Teleconference participants have requested a screen reader demonstration of the accessibility of certain components.
  • Mary and Joe will be doing the demonstration on November 2.
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