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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 10-18-2012
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Neil Caidin

Any Other Business

Increased Participation

  • Neil Caidin, Community manager for Sakai CLE, attended the call this week.
  • He was hoping to sit in on the group meeting to get a feel for how the AWG conducts its bi-weekly meetings.
  • Neil also wanted to express his personal support for pushing accessibility as a high priority topic in the Sakai community.
  • He will be reaching out to the Sakai TCC to both help increase involvement in the AWG and to try and find volunteers to take over as lead of the AWG
  • Neil will try to send or bring a list of the Universities who are actively developing Sakai to the next AWG meeting so that the AWG may personally reach out to accessibility experts on those campus and invite them to participant

Sakai 2.9

Sakai 2.9 Release

  • 2.9.0-rc02 was released on October 19th, 2012
  • Tentative release schedule from Sakai release management team
    • Friday, October 26 (today) - Finish QA testing of 2.9.0-rc02 (Release candidate 02)

    • Monday, October 29 - Review reported issues and identify blockers (ongoing effort, finish up on Monday)

    • Tuesday, October 30 - If no blockers then RC 03 (Release candidate 03) build process begins

    • Wednesday, October 31 - RC 03 available (probably late afternoon/evening)

    • Thursday/ Friday, November 1/2 - QA testing on RC 03.

    • Friday, November 2 (or within a couple of days) - Declare RC 03 the 2.9.0 GA (2.9.0 official release) if no blocker issues emerge

  • The release team is still pushing for final release of 2.9 in the first or second week of November.
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