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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 09-23-2010
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  • Brian Richwine
  • Mary Stores
  • Apple Suwaniwat

Accessibility Review for Sakai 2.8

  • Brian attended the 2.8 release teleconference.
  • There is no Sakai 2.8 QA server or nightly server.
  • Brian is Hoping first release of 2.8 will be tomorrow.
  • Servers will be set up, and at some point on Friday, the servers should be available.
  • By tuesday we can start doing accessibility reviews.
  • A list of tools is available on the 2.8 release management page.
  • Several items have not been settled on. there will be minimal changes to tools available.
  • It would be best to get review done by November 1 so that changes can be implemented before the release.
  • Brian has started a page for Sakai 2.8 accessibility review.
  • Some tools have been listed and priorities assigned.
  • The goal will be to announce accessibility review to WG list and other lists to let people know what's happening and solicit help.
  • People Brian will ask for help: Lucy greco, Joe Newcomer, Scott Williams.
  • Apple is interested in conducting at least one tool test.
  • It might be helpful to have weekl meetings on Thursday at same time slot. Sep. 30 would be the first accessibility review conference.
  • After the accessibility review is over, we go back to normal every other week schedule.
  • The Accessibility Review teleocnference should last 15-20 min.

CK Editor

  • Jiras list significatn issues, but several subtasks have been resolved and other have had comments made.
  • Target fix is where CK Editor Sakai 2 instance is.
  • We will have to test a lot of different tools if this is the case.

Accessibility complaint by IU student

  • A Student is having trouble using FCK Editor in Forums.
  • IU uses Sakai 2.6 and FCK Editor.
  • Should we update the accessibility document instructing people how to search for the editor given clues on the page?
  • It isn't sure that the same problemexists using if Voiceover and WindowEyes.
  • We should also try reproducing the problem with JAWS 10

Jira tickets

  • We have gone through all tickets neding verified where someone has made a patch.
  • We've made changes where we've put out a patch and are waiting for the patch to be applied to test again.
  • Now Brian is pulling in accessibility issues, unlabled text field, non-unique links.
    On page where issues are tracked, they are in the section needing verified.
  • We will probably be able to make those changes and submit a patch.
  • We will be going through other jiras not in the Sakai core. Those will be sorted into priorities and worked through.
  • Two Jiras are waiting on patches to come out.

Sakai 3

  • We are receiving Sakai tickets.
  • one oticket is n Tiny MCE editor. Mary and Brian will look at that.
  • Features where QA scripts have ben started.
  • There ar videos made where a person does what video people do (video shows how a tool should behave).
  • walkthrough scripts will need to be written. see if it can be fit into 2.8 accessibility review. aft nov. 1,
  • We will need to perform Sakai 3 testing.

Jira Ticket Discussion No longer Going To Be handled During Regular Teleconference

*There will be a separate meeting to address Jira tickets so people don't get put off by it.

  • At this meeting Jira tickets will be summarized, but technical discussion will be contained in another meeting.
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