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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 09-08-11
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  • Scott Williams
  • Joe Humbert
  • Brian Richwine
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai 2.9 Release

  • Brian sat attended the QA meting for the 2.9 release.
  • They hope to have 2.9 alpha QA server build and first alpha tag cut on September 20.
  • Hopefully before the end of September there will be QA servers to be populated with data so the Accessibility WG can do testing.

Preparation For Sakai 2.9 Testing

  • Scott mentioned a faculty person who had used Sakai in the past who is blind, but he has not crossed paths with her this year.
  • The WG would like her feedback as far as important tools to test from an instructor's point of view to work on.
  • Getting real user feedback is very valuable.
  • The focus this year will be going through instructor side of walkthrough scripts because the WG has gone over tools from the student side in previous years.
  • Walkthrough scripts should be ready. Brian hopes next week he can write more of these.
  • the WG already has a CKEditor walkthrough script.
  • Mary, Brian and Joe will work with Gonzalo next week, so we can write an effective walkthrough script for the portal.
  • There are no QA scripts for the rich text editor, so they sent an Excel format for a best practice QA script.
  • Brian will talk to community members who have done work on CKEditor to see what tools integrate the editor the most. It will be important to know if certain universities have created a special integration of FCKEditor so when CKEditor gets implemented, there won't be problems.
  • Brian will send out a recruitment e-mail for testers on Monday, September 12.
  • Brian will also be working on trying to write the QA script for the CKEditor as well.
  • If anyone knows of other people on campus who could test, it would be good if the e-mail could be forwarded.
  • Brian will also e-mail people who have tested in the past.

Sakai OAE Updates

  • Kent Fitzgerald contacted Joe to say most accessibility work that has been done for Sakai 3 is going to be incorporated into the 1.01 release in the next day or two.
  • Joe will start testing either tomorrow or next week to verify if the fixes are good or suggest changes.
  • If good, he will look for new bugs while getting MySQL server tied in.

Jira Feedback

  • Verification will be done on Wednesday, September 14 when Gonzalo comes to visit.
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