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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 09-03-2013
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  1. Joe Humbert
  2.  Matt Clare
Working Through More of Brock University's Audit Report on Sakai 2.9.1
A11y Jiras that need testing/review 
Accessibility Improvements to Forums
  • Greasemonkey script created by Brian Richwine
  • Forum posts are in a list now using role="listitem" improving speed of keyboard access
  • Text info added to each post providing context. Example, "Message 2 is a reply to: Joseph A Humbert  message:1"
  • Improved link text, "reply to message 2"
  • Choice of rich text editor or plain text area (would be separate jira)
  • Next steps
  • Refine it at Indiana
  • Adapt to nightly and refine
  • Use as outcome to define changes to Forums itself
  • Editor / No Editor preference?
  • Worth investigating if wysiwyg.editor=ckeditor can be elevated to a user preference and have "None" as an option?
Giant list of A11y Jira issues:
Next Teleconference
Cancelling October 17th Teleconference
Next Teleconference October 31th, Goals permitting
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