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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-26-2010
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  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Brian Richwine
  • Margaret Londergan
  • Mary Stores

LMS (Learning Management System) Webinar

  • The webinar provides an opportunity to speak about Sakai and the progress we've made on accessibility.
  • We can also learn about the accessibility of other LMSs and what other people are doing to implement accessibility

Jira Tickets


  • Brian responded to new Jira tickets, especially the one related to the podcasting tool.
  • Someone filed a Jira that suggested podcasts could be navigated more accessibly.
  • The tool contains redundant links and unlabeled form fields, which could be easily fixed.
  • In instructor's mode, there's an edit link. However, nothing describes what you will edit, even for a sighted person because there is no information around the link.
  • The tool was designed by developers at IU.
  • Podcasts is a Simple tool.
  • It's a feed of Resources.
  • You can schedule when the podcasts will appear.
  • You can determine whethr or not to listen to it in the student view.
  • In order to work on improving accessibility of the tool, make a branch, says Gonzalo.
    *Make changes, and once that's done, merge it into the trunk.
  • The first step to create a branch is to talk to the people at IU who own it.
  • After evaluation, merge it into the trunk.
  • Mary and Brian will do a review of it, and find the issues that need to be fixed.

Umbrella Issue For Removing Blurs

  • Brian worked on two tools and started on a third.

Buttons with Ascii Punctuation

  • Because of the semester, a list of options for resolving this issue has not been created yet.
  • The reason developers don't like to use button tags is that all ASCII characters are being used as submit inputs.
  • Developers would be asked to redo all the functionality.
  • With jsf-basd tools it would get really complex.
  • Real estate is really precious. That's why there are symbols instead of words.
  • Ther would be less translation issues as well.
  • In asking for changing input submit to buttons, we are asking a lot of people to do a lot of work
  • This is why another way needs to be found..

Tool tips or Popups

  • Gonzalo asked for a best practice.
  • Lucy mentioned they have an example they recommended to people.
  • she has not yet sent an example.
  • Brian may call her.

DHTML Popus on Wiki

  • This Jira is still out there.
  • They do come up but if you focus on those, you have to know that they popped up.
  • The location of where that text appears changes from being a hidden div element to something that becomes a visible position on the page.
  • There is nothing to notify the screen reader user so it can't be announced if it does not receive focus.
  • It's all the way at the bottom of the page, so the screen reader user will probably not notice it.
  • They are the tools that reveal information when hovered over or tabbed to.
  • There are some that try to show more information/give context using the title element.
  • These should all be in the same category.

Other Tools

  • We still have five tools where there are still issues.
  • It would be nice to prod the tool owners to apply patches or give feedback.
  • Quite a few still need verified.

Sakai 2.8 Review

  • Sakai branch changes a lot.
  • Scott Williams and Lucy Greco have both done testing in the past.
  • If Brian could write something up specifying what would be entailed, maybe we could have more testers.
  • It would be nice to have some sort of recruiting strategy.
  • Steve Githens has asked Mary and Brian to test Assignments2. That will be part of the 2.8 review.
  • The WG also will picking up tools we haven't done last time such as the podcast tool.
  • The WG should update documentation and create Sakai 2.7 current accessibility documentation as well.
  • The other option is to make sure all existing documentation is all applicable and up to date.

Sakai 3 Testing

  • There is a page for Sakai 3 Q and A testing.
  • videos have been created that present a walkthrough how the tool should behave and what you should be able to do with that tool.
  • Brian could write walkthrough scrips based on these videos.
  • Goals for next meeting: To address jira tickets where patches need need to be applied, finish patches removing blur for onchange events, a couple other jira items where there is simple work to apply a patch, and write the walkthrough scripts based on the Sakai 3 videos.
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