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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-25-2011
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  • Mary Stores
  • Brian Richwine
  • Joe Humbert
  • Scott Williams


Drop-Down Menus

Add and Action Menus

CKEditor News

  • The vote of whether to include CKEditor in Sakai 2.9 has not been determined yet, although there has been CKEditor discussion.
  • Brian wrote a note about the implications of not includingCKEditor.
  • The most important statement in the note is the accessibility certification process would not be able to occur until 2013 if it was not included.
  • The deadline for voting is August 25 at midnight.
  • Peperdine University is running CKEditor in production and seeing benefits : For example, less tech support calls than FCKEditor.

Walkthrough Scripts Needed

  • Portal (Does role matter?)
  • Messages - Instructor and Student Personas
  • CKEditor - Putting it through its paces
  • Assignments (Instructor Persona) should be simple to write.
  • Calendar (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Announcements (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Drop Box (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Podcasts (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Polls (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Site Info (Instructor and Student Personas)
  • Samigo Test & Quizes (Instructor Persona) may be more complex to write
  • Brian is willing to help over the phone for walkthrough script creation.

Sakai 2.9 Review

  • The accessibility Testing Training / Call-out email asking for volunteers needs to be sent.
  • Sakai 2.9 Accessibility Review Pages need to be posted
    *These two things will be done by September 1.
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