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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-23-2012
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai 2.9

Sakai 2.9 Release and Accessibility Testing

  • The release team hopes to release 2.9.0 in mid-October to late October which is about 8 weeks away.
  • There will be 2 more beta releases before they put out a release candidate
  • They are planning on cutting 2 release candidates before the final release of 2.9.
  • Tentative release schedule (given by Joe, not the release team):
    • 2.9.0-b08 - August 31st
    • 2.9.0-b09 - September 14th
    • 2.9.0-rc01 - September 28th
    • 2.9.0-rc02 - October 12th
  • There was a discussion about The proper use of the Merge field flag on Jira tickets
  • The release team is looking into getting a new domain name for QA testing servers so that testers know they are going to a QA server. 
    • They are research a new domain because the domains take a long time to procure from DNS controller University of Michigan

2.9 Accessibility Review

2.9 Testing Problems or Concerns

  • No issues reported

Review Results Discussion (Critical and Major Issues)

  • Preferences tool
    • Update status message is dynamically loaded and is not announced to JAWS. It can be parsed before it disappears, but the message is at the top of the page, nowhere near the Update button. (Group decided this was a critical issue)
    • Expand and contract clickable image does not need alt text (minor)
    • Customize tabs
      • Multiple issues with the customize tabs tool (Critical, but should be added after all other issues because the fix will take a long time)
        • Unable to manipulate project icons in combo box. Keyboard functionality is not accessible because the sites are not announced when tabbed to, to receive focus, nor is action announced when site is moved.
        • Arrowing through the site list does not move focus. Clicking "Enter" on the site will focus on a site. It is possible to use Ctrl+arrow to manipulate the site but the action not announced. Impossible to change focus from selected site without tabbing, but tabbing to other sites will be announced as the originally selected site, as will tabbing to any other control in the frame. Must reload window to get VC working again. Refreshing screen will not work.
        • This is a spatial paradigm so it is not clear which arrows should be used to perform which function for non-sighted users. Per 11/17/11 concall, Gonzalo thought it might be possible to expose the underlying check-box functionality, which might be more intuitive for SR users.
  • Profile 2 tool
    • In the Wall tool, once I tab into the editable text area, I can't shift+tab to go back up to the TinyMCE toolbar. I must tab through entire document to get to the editor tools. Also there is no way to format text, because the text selection is lost when tabbing to the TinyMCE toolbar. (Minor)
    • The hidden contextual text on the edit links does not match the heading text for the fields the links are editing. (Major)
    • Clicking on Profile or Wall links changes context of page without alerting the user. (Major)
    • Edit links for Profile information fields should be visible on keyboard focus as well. (Critical)
    • "Change picture" pop-up is not visible when portrait picture receives keyboard focus. Nor does picture have visible focus. (Critical)
  • We will discuss more of the issues found during the review at the next teleconference
    • Joe will send out a list of issues to discuss

Collaborative Testing

  • Reminder: Wednesday September 5th, 2012 from 2:00-4:00pm
  • Joe will send out the details the last week of August (August 31st)
  • The group can discuss the results at the AWG teleconference the next day (September 6th)

Any Other Business

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