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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-22-2013
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  1. Matt Clare
  2. Joe Humbert
  3. Gonzalo Silverio
  1. Neal Caidin
Any other Business
The Release of Sakai 2.9.3
Access Keys
The following accesskeys defined already:
jump to content [c]
jump to tool list [l]
jump to site tabs [w]
This would add:
jump to more sites drawer [m]
Another one to consider is an accesskey to minimize/expand tool list
Gonzalo drew our attention to - is this a better approach or an alternate or parallell aproach?
- Mary indidcated on the mailing list that it might be effectivly more clicks - the other argument is it provides for more destinations
- Gonzalo will mock someting up for the portal and let us play with it
CK Editor content creation guidelines
Miscellaneous Updates, Missives, Pleading and Praising
  • TBD
A11y Jiras that need testing/review -- Please add, remove, comment -- I'm new at this
Accessibility / i18n: Default Human Language is Hard Coded as English
The Customize Tabs page of the Preferences Tool has screen reader accessibility issues
- Does current ctrl + arrow keys or i-j-k-m interface solve this?
  -- It could be a good project for a student.... but is the code static enough for this right now?
 Code is static. Some suggested tools for intern
 NCSU ARIA Landmark Inspector Bookmarklet:
The All Grades table is two tables and a list coded to visually display as one table. Users of screen reading software will have a hard time navigating and understanding these tables.
- Big issue, but I'm interested in comments
- Gonzalo To update JIRA to suggest AIRA-hidden,AIRA-presentation
Multiple Form Controls on the Course Grades page are unlabeled
 - Tagged as PATCH_ADDED -- not seeing exactly as implemented, but trunk also not tripping a basic label audit at the moment
  -- Matt to give some encouragement through Neal.....,
Accessibility: Multiple Non-Unique "Options" Link Texts Present on Home Tool
 - In a new form, "Direct link to this tool"
 -- Matt will Resolve and clone to be Edit
Action from last call
The alternative text description for the assignment details expand/collapse image on the Assignment tool submissions page should be more descriptive
File upload field on the Assignment submission page of the Assignments tool is unlabelled.
....Matt will verify 

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