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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-11-11
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  • Brian Richwine - Indiana University Bloomington
  • Joe Humbert - IUPUI
  • Scott Williams - University of Michigan
  • Gonzalo Silverio - University of Michigan

Status of JIRA Tickets


  • Several critical accessibility JIRAs have been resolved for the Samigo Tests & Quizzes tool and need verified with Mary
  • SAM-1295 - Multiple choice questions in Samigo are not very accessible
  • SAM-1279 - Hide Division Feature Is Not Accessible
  • SAM-1228 (w/subtasks) - Remove onkeypress handlers from links and form controls
  • SAM-1232 - Many Question Types Marked-Up Entirely As a Level 5 Heading
  • SAM-1231 - Tabbing off of the "What's This?" link generates a HTTP Status 404 Error Message to appear
  • SAM-1229 - Username and Password Input fields not labeled on Begin Assessment Page still needs a solution
  • SAM-1296 - The 5 Minute Warning Modal jQuery Dialog Message Is Not Accessible (no fix yet)

Sakai JIRAs - Relevancy Concerns

  • SAK-12189 - Accessibility: Chat Edit options text not associated with radio buttons
    • Implicit labeling of radio buttons is o longer an issue for JAWS 12 + IE.
    • Since most universities will have the latest version of JAWS, this is no longer be an issue, or at least not as high of a priority.
  • SAK-19041 is a color contrast compliance issue that is no longer relevant since highlight class (tool_base.css) currently meets WCAG 2.0 AA contrast requirements. However, suggested colors have been provided that would reach AAA requirements with only a slight change in color.
  • SAK-20647 seems to be resolved.
  • SAK-11199 Fix identified – needs implemented before 2.9 QA Servers get built
  • SAK-20401 is a duplicate of 20631
  • SAK-20631 has been worked on, but more work needs done.
  • Regarding Sak-11653 all occurrences need to be found, and subtasks entered and resolved before 2.9 QA Servers get built.
  • SAK-11680 has not yet been resolved.
    • Tried various means of hiding the flash object using CSS and ARIA. Since existing fix didn’t hide the flash object from the screen-reader, other solutions were sought but failed to produce the desired effect.
    • Joe suggested using wmode parameter on the flash movie itself, and he will look into that
  • MSGCNTR-30 is not resolved because of not enough rights to re-open and fix the issues. A comment has been added asking for the rights.
  • MSGCNTR-31 has been verified and is ready to be closed.
  • MSGCNTR-36 remains unresolved/open because Joe decided that the patch’s changes should be reverted.

Closed JIRAs

  • SAK-1735 - Brian reviewed changes to config.js, and they are fine. It’s merged into 2.8.x.
  • SAK-11860 no longer applies to 2.9, so it should be closed.
    *SAK-20476 is verified and closed.
  • SAK-18958 will be closed.

Walkthrough Scripts Needed for 2.9 Review

  • Portal
  • Lesson Builder, since there was a big push for it at the conference
  • Messages
  • Assignments – Instructor Persona, because NFB certification covers both student and instructor roles
  • Assignments2
  • Calendar
  • Announcements
  • Drop Box
  • Podcasts
  • Polls
  • Site Info
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