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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-09-2014
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Matt Clare
2. Neal Caidin
3. Gonzalo S.

- Update on review proposal
- More about the Sakai test suite - at the 508 level (alt tags and related, could do a bunch?)

Access and Availability selected form controls are reset when submitting a new announcement in the Announcement tool has an error
- Gonzalo currently working on
- - split off file type and file size (type is easy, size will need a bit of dev work)
Accessibility: "Download Spreadsheet" link does not indicate file type or size.
Accessibility: Site Info Confirming Site Tools Screen Uses Color as the Only Method to Convey Information - Gonzalo to go with bold solution (pun)

Need some testing:

instrument more sites panel to open via accesskey and close via escape

Need a solution and a model for accessibile pop-ups
- Are we OK with jQuery UI 1.10+ dialog since with - ARIA info role="alertdialog" aria-describedby="dialog-desc" and a good tab order
-- Matt to explore our two options and add to JIRA - we'll look again next time we meet

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