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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 08-09-2013
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  1. Matt Clare
  2. Conzalo
  3. Neal Caidin
  4. Joe Humbert
CK Editor content creation guidelines
  • STILL need users, accessibility experts, and developers to provide examples and heuristics for these guidelines
  • Matt will draw some more attention to this via some other places and lists
  • Target date for completion of the guidelines
  • First week of August
  • What we promised to do:
  • Gonzalo will review last 5 issues
  • Neal will take all referring to alt issues
  • Matt will take remainder
  • Joe will give a final a11y goup review before we seek more eyes
  • Going forward:
  • Matt to bring to Doc group on Monday to figure out relationship to other Text Editor
  • Joe to give a final once-over
Sakai CLE 2.9.3-RC02 (release candidate 02) is ready for testing
  • Testing completed by Monday, August 5?
Sakai CLE 2.9.3-RC03 is released now (August 8)
Sakai CLE 2.9.3-RC04 would be fix [actually a side affect of this ticket, fix is fine] , but if not done it time, and if testing passes on RC03 (i.e. no regressions found), then RC03 will become production. Neal anticipates by August 16. 
Miscellaneous Updates, Missives, Pleading and Praising
  • TBD
A11y Jiras that need testing/review -- Please add, remove, comment -- I'm new at this
Multiple form controls are unlabeled on the Assignments tool submission page because the "for" attribute of the label doesn't match the "id" attribute of the form control
Fixed. To be verified - By Matt …  and others… common issue around human language being set?
SAK-23022: I diagnosed where change needs to take place in the Gradebook tool, asked it be assigned to a GB developer
SAK-23035: Is the same human language issue, the tool LinkTool is an orphan, seldom used, being replaced by LTI capabilities, no active work on it. Also: all this tool does is launch tools external to Sakai, so do not really understand the issue, Maybe close? --- yes close.
SAK-23032: same issue as GB - SAK-23022, same solution.
The Customize Tabs page of the Preferences Tool has screen reader accessibility issues
Gonzalo took a look as promised. If checkbox approach (after the recommended changes) is accessible, then I think we can replace the Fluid reorderer with a jQuery UI construct, which should be less aria rich. Too bad. This would make for a fantastic exercise for an intern/student.
Form controls are unlabeled or not uniquely labeled on the Search page of the Profile2 tool
- Matt Promised to review labels in Profile2 for that tool
The alternative text description for the assignment details expand/collapse image on the Assignment tool submissions page should be more descriptive
Gonzalo will pick this up
File upload field on the Assignment submission page of the Assignments tool is unlabelled.
Gonzalo will pick this up
instrument more sites panel to open via accesskey and close via escape
This was a request for review of need and approach
Skip-To Widget by PayPal Accessibility Team - looks very interesting, worth a deeper review and discussion at next meeting
Accessibility: Multiple links with the same name (Roster) 
Gonzalo will see if I can produce a patch
Next teleconference August 22 at 2:00
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