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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 07-26-2012
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  • Jane Vincent – University of Michigan
  • Joe Humbert – Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Gonzalo Silverio – University of Michigan
  • Mary Stores – Indiana University Bloomington
  • Scott Williams – University of Michigan
  • Eric Mitchell – University of California Stanford

Sakai 2.9 Beta Release

  • A new beta was released on July 19, b06.
  • Joe will coordinate with Brian to figure out when the test server will be updated.
  • Please hold off testing after Friday so the server can be switched over, because all current information will be wiped away. It will get put back up once the server is reconfigured. (Joe: The server reset will be pushed off to a later date)
  • Scott asked for content to be added, to get courses set up. That request won’t be fulfilled until the first of next week.
  • In the release meeting they also discussed Beta 7. They plan on having a new beta tag in the next three weeks for Beta 7, so it will be a potentially much shorter time between server resets.
  • Jiras are now going to be segmented, so that they will be more tool-specific.
  • The developers are targeting Late October/early November for the final 2.9 release.
  • Last week there were at least 15 accessibility-related Jiras for 2.9.
  • Jira filter for Sakai 2.9:

2.9 Accessibility Review

  • This is a continuation of the review started last year which got put on hold because of the OAE review. The 2.9 review is currently being resumed.
  • Joe will send Jane information on how to post Jiras.
  • Jane plans on continuing accessibility testing using ZoomText and Magic tomorrow.
  • The result page has been updated. Hold off on adding results, because right now the template goes into the 2011 review. (Joe: This has been fixed)
  • Scott got funding to have Walt Stover do more testing for half a year.
  • Jane says testing was very clean. She had problems accessing some combo boxes and text fields. The overall grade she gave is a C plus or B minus so far.

Sakai OAE Accessibility Update

  • About 15-20 different Jiras for OAE have been or are being resolved for the 1.5 release.
  • Filter for accessibility issues for OAE 1.5:
  • Many of the issues (there were approximately 80 Jiras put in) 30-40 have been put on hold indefinitely until they have decided if the features are going to be included in future releases. A lot of componenents and interactions are being revamped.
  • A lot of the tickets which were filed and are being worked on were concerned with content authoring which had numerous accessibility issues.
  • Stanford is unclear about whether they will go to OAE or something else.
  • However, the Accessibility WG would welcome a participant who uses OAE to take charge of accessibility issues for OAE.

Next Teleconference and Agenda Items

  • There will be another teleconference next week, August 2.
  • At that point of time we will see if we want more teleconferences or go to a biweekly schedule.
  • Also, we need to figure out if we would like to have a Sakai Accessibility Fest, where we can collaborate on tool testing. Look at the tools that have never been tested and see if this is something the group would like to do.



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