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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 07-25-2013
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  • Matt Clare (new lead)
  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Neal Caidin


  • Scott Williams


Hello from Matt Clare, your new Accessibility Working Group Lead
Any other Business

CK Editor content creation guidelines

  • STILL need users, accessibility experts, and developers to provide examples and heuristics for these guidelines
  • Matt will draw some more attention to this via some other places and lists
  • Target date for completion of the guidelines
  • First week of August
  • Gonzalo will review last 5 issues
  • Neal will take all referring to alt issues
  • Matt will take remainder
  • Joe will give a final a11y goup review before we seek more eyes

Miscellaneous Updates, Missives, Pleading and Praising

  • TBD
  • .... we had some Calliflower issues - should be resolved for next time

A11y Jiras that need testing/review

   -- on the theme of language - Gonzalo will investigate if there is a broader JSF issue, or better practice

Important list that Joe had collected

  • Jira issues the AWG needs to review: (Draft list)
  • - Create a Table of Contents Style view for Syllabus - Matt will file bug against current implementation noting that a fix from jquery UI should be anticipated, watt will ping jquery UI
Giant list of A11y Jira issues:

Preload QA3 with sample data for A11y testing

  • Information stored on server will be retained through re-deploys/re-builds
  • Sample content to populate the system is needed
  • Can get the content added in a way that supports/reflects the current QA scripts
  • Joe will find out what the refresh, release plan is for QA3 & it's content
    • Outcome: QA3 will be kept up to date with the current releases (including 2.9.3RC01)
    • database wipe, reset, or archive will happen whenever they are needed
    • A11y group will provide two dates in relation to release cylce
      • When to wipe the database clean
      • When to create the baseline archive that will be reloaded each time the server is updated
      •  – we'll set these dates before or at our next call in relation to CLE 2.9.3 release 
  • Neal has at least a course worth of content to add
  • Timeline/ Milestones
  • Finish asap
Subset of issues merged into 2.9.3 (but not just a11y)
Next meeting August 8 at 2:00PM

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