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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 07-15-2010
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  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Brian Richwine
  • Mary Stores

Outstanding JIRA Ticket Items

  • Brian has grouped all FCK editor tickets together.
  • Anthony White has asked Brian to look at a list of items by July 7.
  • There are other JIRA tickets Brian has found that need verification as to whether these issues still exist.

Accessibility statements

  • A wiki page has been created by Brian for Sakai 2 statement.
  • The Sakai 2 statement has not been changed from the last time it was sent to the Accessibility Working

Group list on 05/06/10.

  • Eli has taken the Sakai 3 statement to the Product Council and has received no negative feedback.
    • Gonzalo and Nate Angell responded positively.
  • The Sakai 2 Draft Statement was originally sent to the accessibility WG list only.
  • There is a new UI Dev list for Sakai 3 that the Sakai 3 statement can be sent to. Brian will send the statement to that list and request feedback.
  • If no negative feedback is received for the Sakai 2 and Sakai 3 statements after it has been sent to other lists, and if everyone is satisfied with the wordings of the statements, they should be considered approved by the Sakai body.
  • The Sakai 2 Draft Accessibility Statement can be viewed at
  • The Sakai 3 Draft Accessibility Statement can be viewed at

Additional Tasks to Think About for Sakai 2

  • Regarding Sakai 2, a 2.7 accessibility status page should be posted containing a VPAT and statement about
    WCAG 2 conformance, with links to appropriate accessibility guidelines.
  • Brian has been working on a Projects page for the Working Group.
    • It has a table giving descriptions of the activities the WG should focus on.
    • The table on this page has a task number, date added, priority or deadline, task description, and a status where you can say the task is in progress, on hold, or canceled.
    • Finally, the table contains a list of people working on the task, and a column to a link on the wiki page for more details.
  • The projects page is located here:

Feedback On Projects Page

  • This is a very good way for the WG to keep track of all the evaluations taking place.
  • This page will probably be the most useful to the WG, Brian and Mary.

Top 10 Accessibility Improvements to get into Sakai 2.8

  • Alan Berg asked Mary and Brian to create a top ten list of accessibility priorities at the Denver conference.
  • The priorities can be narrowed down to three or five priorities.
    • FCK Editor issues
    • Lack of consistency in Sakai 2

Translate Accessibility Review Results into JIRA tickets

  • Until all the unresolved tickets have been verified or resolved, there was no point in creating more JIRA tickets.
  • Now that most of the issues have been resolved in some way, Mary and Brian will work on creating more tickets for Sakai 2.8.

Transition to CKEditor as the WYSIWYG editor for Sakai 2.8

  • FCKEditor has caused accessibility headaches in previous versions of Sakai.
  • CKEditor does have an accessible version of the editor. More work needs to be done regarding accessibility to prevent what happened with FCKEditor:
    • Documentation should be written on how to use the accessible version of the CK editor, since there is very
      little documentation currently available.
    • More testing of the CK Editor needs to be done by the WG.

Guidelines / Checklists for Sakai 3

  • During accessibility meetings with the Sakai 3 developers at the Denver conference, discussion of the need
    for guidelines/check lists arose.
  • Creation of guidelines or check lists would help ensure that web developers are creating accessible content.
  • The Accessibility WG has been asked to work on this.

Best Practice Widget for Sakai 3

  • At the June conference, an idea of creating an accessibility best practices widget was discussed with

Comprehensive TinyMCE and CKEditor accessibility evaluation and implementation

  • Brian and mary will create documentation in order to perform comprehensive accessibility tests for both the
    CKEditor and TinyMCE editors.

Work on increasing Participation / Especially accessibility evaluators

  • There is a need for more accessibility evaluators to join the accessibility Working Group.
  • Brian would like to obtain a list of all the universities currently using Sakai.
    • He would then send a letter to the disability service providers at each university asking the following:
      • if they perform accessibility tests
      • If not, what department at the university performs accessibility testing
      • Would that department be willing to perform accessibility evaluations for future versions of Sakai
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