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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 06-13-2013
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  • Joe Humbert
  • Matt Clare (Brock University)
  • Neal Caidin


Any Other Business 

New Member on call

  • Matt Clare from Brock University Ontario, Canada
    • His university is looking into WCAG 2.0 AA compliance because of new laws in Ontario

Apereo Conference

  • Was successful.
  • Neal will provide a conference update
    • Gonzalo gave an accessibility presentation
      • his presentation was recorded
      • Neal will send a web link
  • Accessibility Birds of a Feather
    • there was discussion of a cross Apereo accessibility group
    • there were similar discussions with the security group
      • Neal suggested we wait until we hear back from the security group on what they decide
    • Jasig accessibility group
      • Neal said that Jasig may have accessibility groups, but they would be on a per project basis
  • OAE update
    • Neal doesn’t currently have any updates on OAE
    • The Project is still going
    • 3 Major Universities involved
  • conference information
    • lanyard?
    • Apereo YouTube channel
    • slide deck

Sakai release schedule

  • there will be quick 2.9.3 release most likely by the end of July
    • it will target identified bugs
    • the bugs should already have patches and be ready for verification
  • 2.9.4
    • targeted for sometime in October or November
    • we should target completed jira tickets
      • try to patch low hanging fruit
  • 2.10
    • the Sakai product counsel sought input from provosts at member universities
    • potential beta before the end of 2013
    • hope to target release for sometime in 2014

Matt Clare’s involvement in Sakai Accessibility Working group

  • Brock University is looking at doing an accessibility audit of Sakai due to new laws passed in Ontario
  • they know there is accessibility work to be done and they are using the audit to get a handle on the scope of the project
    • the audit will focus on Sakai CLE
    • version 2.9.2
    • will cover one representative course site
  • Matt ask if there are specific things we would like included in the audit
    • lesson builder
    • profile 2

Sakai help documentation initiative

  • spearheaded by Alan Reagan from Longsight
  • before they move to any new system they plan to run a set of scripts to copy all the current information
  • a Drupal-based system may be used in the interim till they find a long-term solution
  • potential long-term solution is the Edia knowledgebase tool
    • before moving to Edia the group has to create a set of help documentation requirements
    • they will then modify Edia to meet those new requirements

Sakai A11y Help Documentation

  • the simplified Chinese version can’t be posted to confluence
    • due to the fact that the Chinese language packages are out of date
    • the files will have to be hosted externally

CK Editor Accessible Content Creation Guidelines

  • Joe stated we STILL need users, accessibility experts, and developers to provide examples and heuristics for these guidelines
  • Target date for completion of the guidelines
    • June 30th, 2013

Sakai Accessibility Review

Preload QA3 with sample data for A11y testing

  • Indiana University has upgraded there QA3 test server to 2.9.2
  • Joe is working with Oncourse staff. They are willing to make an archive of the data on the server so any time it is reset or upgraded the data will be reloaded.
  • We need to add sample data to QA3 for A11y testing
  • Joe has reached out to the QA group to let them know they can also load data they want preserved to the server
  • Timeline/ Milestones
    • Finish asap

Next Meeting is June 27th, 2013

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