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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 05-24-2012
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  • Scott Williams
  • Eli Cochran
  • Mary Stores
  • Joe Humbert

Sakai OAE

OAE 1.3 News

    • There are bug bashes going on for the 1.3 Release candidate, which will definitely be released before the Sakai conference on June 10.
    • There will be a much longer time after the 1.4 release before the next release.
    • The 1.4 release is targeted for performance optimizations. So a lot of accessibility issues won’t make it in until 1.5

Review of OAE 1.1

    • The report is being worked on by Joe. It is eight pages long currently.
    • Joe will meet with Brian tomorrow to go over the report, and it Will be sent out to the group either Friday or Monday.
    • The target audience for this report is managers and other OAE groups.
    • In the report there will be issues flagged as work being done for 1.2.
    • After the report discussion by the Accessibility WG next week and before publicly being talked about at the conference in June, Joe will give a talk to OAE developer’s about the report. Feedback from that talk will be relayed to the group.
    • The last bit of the review is adding issues that don’t have Jira tickets to the jira system. A page will be created for the open issues, and another page for resolved issues for OAE on Confluence.

Issues Being Resolved for OAE

    • Gonzalo has been doing more work on skip navigation links, as well as making sure OAE has a good headings structure.
    • Tweaks have been added as sub-tickets or new tickets.
    • Also he is resolving the issue of non-unique text for some links.
    • He is working to make sure the skip navigation is the first link past the body tag. It is currently after branding.

Plans After OAE Review

    • Once the review is wrapped up, Joe will be working with the QA group on walkthrough scripts and TestPad to see if that can be made accessible.
    • TestPad has no semantic markup with lots of divs and sub-divs visually styled to look a certain way.
    • Ken Fitzgerald talked to the owner/developer of TestPad, who is open to making it more accessible.
    • Joe would like to merge the efforts of the QA and accessibility testers.
    • The worst case scenario is to have someone not using AT to add an AT user’s results in until TestPad can be more useable.

Other Business

Accessibility Tool Recommendation

    • Joe past along the recommendation for developers to use the Worldspace FireEyes plugin for Firefox because it will give the most accurate and up-to-date results, eliminating false positives and false negatives.
    • This recommendation was based on a decision made by the Accessibility WG at the last teleconference.
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