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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 05-03-12
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  • Brian Richwine
  • Scott Williams
  • Gonzalo Silverio

OAE Review

  • Great News! Jane Vincent (umich) starting to do accessibility testing on OAE using Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS) and maybe even Read Write Gold (RWG).
  • Gonzalo reports that work continues on addressing OAE accessibility issues and that it is a really challenging environment.
  • Gonzalo reports that accessibility concerns over OAE are being increasingly discussed in OAE circles and perhaps the Accessibility Working group can offer to get involved sooner in the design stages as an answer to addressing the accessibility concerns.

CLE Review

  • Work on putting together the 2.9.0-b06 release will begin next week.
  • A new jQuery datepicker that addresses internationalization issues has been proposed for inclusion in 2.9.0. The datepicker widget itself needs checked for accessibility. This presents a great opportunity to have all of the unlabeled textboxes and select elements around date/time entry fixed. Brian will document the issues, list the HTML as it is rendered now, and provide the (ideal) HTML that should be rendered. 
  • Brian's focus has been with the Samigo Accessibility JIRAs and verifying all of the 2.9.0 that were marked as Resolved but not tested.
  • Two new bugs have appeared in 2.9.0 from the accessibility work
    • SAK-22136- Skip navigation is repeated twice.
      • Gonzalo volunteered to take this one. <Thanks!>
    • SAK-22077- Large "Users Present Begins Here" heading shows when window is resized
      • Brian is working on this one. Will build B03 again locally and look for the issue.
  • New "Users Present" widget
    • Has a few accessibility issues
      • will review more formally this week and create JIRAs
      • not sure what component to file these on
  • Gonzalo will be working part time on CLE again starting Monday. Gonazalo said he will look at the Neoportal issues.
  • Brian will review open JIRAs, create summary list with notes and email to the accessibility email list




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