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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-26-2012
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  • Scott Williams

  • Mary Stores

  • Brian Richwine

Sakai CLE

  • For Sakai CLE they skipped b04 and went directly to b05.
  • The server will be upgraded today.
  • There have been a few fall-backs:
    • The skip navigation is broken and a few other things.
  • Brian will do some preliminary keyboard test, especially with Samigo because they put in a few fixes.
  • There are a lot of Jiras to push. Brian can’t write code fixes for them, so that will have to go to other people.
  • The Jiras will need to be documented and brought to people’s attention.
  • Someone from the Longsite company has lead lot of the release team meeting and pushing a lot of the QA.
  • Largely everyone else seems to be putting in efforts for release and QA.
  • A page already exists that has the child pages of review results and sections of Jiras to push.
    • Brian will make sure it’s up to date and send e-mail with commentary.
    • Brian will also send it out to QA, dev and Accessibility WG list.

Other Business

  • So far, only one presentation has been approved for conference,state of accessibility for 2.9 and OAE.
  • Joe submitted a Birds of a Feather one as well, but it has not been accepted yet.
  • Brian and Joe submitted a presentation on QAing for accessibility, but it has not been accepted yet.
  • IU has said the last version they will go to for Sakai CLE is 2.8 or 2.9.
  • ATAC should focus on Oncourse, probably is what IU wants.
  • Brian hopes to get that done in two weeks.


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