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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-20-2012
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  • Scott Williams
  • Jane Vincent
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Mary Stores
  • Joe Humbert

Sakai OAE

OAE Review

    • The OAE review is continuing. It has been extended through the first or second week in May.  
    • The v1.3 release has been delayed. Bert Perin, who runs the dev calls, says they hope to have 1.2 released by the end of the week. They didn’t find any major critical bugs in 1.2. The release candidate will be released possibly early next week After v1.2 has been officially released, a new date will be set for v1.3. .

Accessibility Testing Updates and Concerns

    • The WG has possibly 20 different reviews done for OAE 1.1 covering 12 different functional areas.
    • There are a lot of recurring problems that might be able to be fixed with global fixes.
    • Jane wants to do testing with software for people with learning disabilities. That is why she ha joined the call.
    • Everything for testing should be available on the OAE Accessibility Review page.
    • A concern was brought up about the rotating carousel on v1.1 My Dashboard. In future versions it would be good to test whatever is taking its place, because that carousel caused problems for Mary when she tested it.
    • When Joe gets back from his vacation he will have a chat with Nico to maybe get a list of what features will be in future versions, so that the WG does not spend time testing features and functional areas that will no longer be in future versions.


    • Gonzalo and other people have been very active on open tickets.

Other Business

Confluence Accessibility concerns

    • Confluence has merged the text and wiki editors into one editor. The resulting editor does not seem to be accessible to screen reader users. If any screen-reader user wishes to test, they can still follow the walkthroughs on Confluence. They can also upload Word files or send Word files of the results to Joe.
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