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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-12-2012
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  • Brian Richwine
  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores
  • Gonzalo Silverio

Sakai OAE

1.2 and 1.3 Releases

    • Both were discussed on the OAE developer's call this week.
    • Final testing of v1.2 is currently being done. The release candidate hopefully will be out by Friday, but one blocker is being worked on which might delay it.
    • The goal is to have the 1.2 release at the end of next week. If the blocker is not resolved, then the date will be two weeks from this past Monday.
    • Since 1.2 is being pushed back, 1.3 will also be delayed.
    • There is no solid release date for 1.3 because 1.2 is still in flux.
    • Because it is close to the end of the semester and because of the delay in release, the accessibility review will be extended until the beginning of May. This will enable the WG to review all the high priority tools.
    • The accessibility review will end on May 5. Review results will be discussed on May 10.

OAE Review

    • Joe has posted a lot of testing results done by an IU student, Mary and Joe.
    • the results are on the 1.1 accessibility review page.
    • 11 results are completely finished; 12 if Scott finishes this week.
    • Hopefully 15 or 15 functional areas reviewed completely by the end of Monday.
    • Joe hopes to work with Mary and Donna either tomorrow or early next week.
    • The end goal is to have 20-25 in one of the two testing categories in either AT or code review by April 18.
    • If people do have issues or concerns, please bring them up at the next meeting.

Other OAE Work

    • Gonzalo has been doing work on multiple links.
    • Joe has been working on left-hand navigation issues with screen reader and keyboard issues. This will be resolved for 1.3.
    • Joe has found other instances where there are still multiple links. Joe and Gonzalo will meet tomorrow.

Sakai CLE

Sakai 2.9 Updates

    • Mary and Brian met with Lynn Ward and other folks from Stanford Samigo team.
    • Keli Amaan was on call last week and was concerned about Samigo accessibility Jiras.
    • There are two critical accessibility Jiras. One accessibility Jira is the issue of multiple choice single correct answer is not keyboard accessible. For a screen reader user, it is possible to select a wrong answer by mistake.
    • The vast majority of keyboard issues have been fixed except that the 5-minute warning is not announced to screen reader user. JAWS switches into application mode and the screen reader user can't navigate it at all.
    • Brian is not sure how to move forward with the multiple choice issue in particular. He is not sure how to get people to act on it. It seems that there aren't developers who have time to work on it.
    • the modal DHTML dialogue could be taken out and replaced with a noticeable heading. A banner that gives the 5-minute warning and click something to dismiss it would be accessible for everyone.
    • Another suggestion is to actually use real javascript alert dialog. It’s pretty standard, well recognized and useable by userswho use assistive technology.

Sakai 2.9 News

    • Beta 4 release should happen at some point this week.
    • Brian will Probably rebuild the Sakai CLE QA server maybe over the weekend.
    • There is a lot of energy and emphasis and new people working on QA Some people have requested tips on how to QA for accessibility. Brian and mary will work on a presentation like that.
    • Lynn Ward, Meghan May and Keli Amaan suggested there be links to these videos covering simple topics like keyboard accessibility and things they can do without assistive technology (AT).
    • gonzalo says if the Samigo issue is a deal breaker for some people, then it is a blocker. He suggests bringing it up with the Samigo team. Send an e-mail to the developers.

Other Business

  • Kent has been testing this new interface called TestPad to do rapid QA testing. He thought it could be useful to do accessibility testing as well.
  • Kent granted Joe an accessibility account in separate area. He thinks it could be linked to results pages. The Accessibility WG could utilize QA scripts and tweak them to improve them for accessibility QA.
  • Joe will be investigating this for the next round of OAE testing. Joe and Brian will meet if it can work to incorporate it into CLE testing.
  • Joe says TestPad does not look very accessible. However, Kent talked to one of the developers, and they were open to making it more accessible. TestPad is still in beta.
  • Joe submitted 3 proposals to the Sakai conference. Joe thinks one will be accepted. Hopefully there will be some accessibility presentations. If people have ideas on things to be included, please let Joe know.
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