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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 04-05-2012
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  • Keli Amann
  • Brian Richwine
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores
  • IU Student
  • Eli Cochran

OAE Review

  • Scott has partially tested the top navigation. He has used both JAWS and WindowEyes. Draft results have been posted.
  • Joe has been working on the All Search page.
  • Mary and Joe finished the AT review of the search page. She used JAWS.
  • Mary and Joe will do the Explore page and move on to other tools on Friday and Monday.

Walkthrough Scripts

  • If there are particular functional areas that people want to test and there are no walkthrough scripts, please let Joe know. Otherwise, the walkthroughs will stay the same.

V1.2 Content Authoring Face

  • Joe looked preliminarily at this and found quite a few issues, particularly with screen-reader and keyboard access. The main issue is that if there is content, you can edit but not remove it. It is impossible  for screen reader users to do this task.
  • You add rows and columns to a blank document. Each row can be divided into one to three columns. You have to hover over the elements – there is no way to do this with a keyboard.
  • When using JAWS, you can get to different page tools. You can place blocks, such as title and text. You can put videos, maps, etc. You can tab to those with a keyboard. Using JAWS you cannot. You can navigate to the links to add those, but when presssing space or enter, focus remains on the link and nothing happens. The ticket regarding this problem is Jira SAKIII-5412. There will probably be subtasks for this ticket.
  • Kent Fitzgerald believes the tweaks to the editor that is causing issues can be addressed.

Other OAE Business

  • Gonzalo has still been working on the lack of skip navigation link issue. It will probably be included in v1.3.
  • Other Jiras: search all for heading structure
  • Joe has been working with James for left hand nav screen reader issues. local functional area nav menu. some menus have preference such as permissions or things you can do to that tool. You can tab to it, but when trying to navigate to it with JAWS, focus goes somewhere else.
  • When Joe was doing content authoring testing, bug with keyboard and IE. You can create a multipage document, and when another page is created, a left hand nav pops up. This presents a partial keyboard trap: when arriving at last page, it moves you to first page. You can shift tab to it, but this is cumbersome.
  • Joe has been going over lists with multiple same anchor links.

Sakai 2.9 Updates

  • Brian attended last two CLE meetings.
  • He started making a push to address Jiras that have been out there, verified lots of jiras and made sure they were set with right fix version and appropriate ones marked for 2.9.
  • Beta 2.4 is getting ready to be released.
  • Fixes Gonzalo did around NeoPortal, skip nav links being visible under NeoPortal bar at top of screen. piece also shows accesskey automatically in CSS. 9 will be moved into Beta 04. Two need to be verified. 14 jiras are getting worked on to be pushed into 2.9.0, fixes for amigo and ARIA add and action menus for resource rool and drop box. Review results are still be gone through, jiras are being created. still be two to three weeks for that process for 2.9 review.
  • Samigo team partnered with Indiana and RSmart and during testing accessibility issues have come up.
    • Sam1247-1295 on keypress handlers
    • Sam1295 multiple choice
      • Brian attempted to make fix fr that one and did not work.
      • Brian made a meeting with Lynn Ward to get access to developer at IU to work through accessibility issues.
    • Sam1295 is probably the most significant one out of all, b/c multiple choiice questions are not keyboard accessible or misleading to screen reader users because javascript is faking radio buttons when not really a group. Screen readers often set values to controls that you wouldn't expect. You may change answer unknowingly when navigating to next or previous button. most other issues are minor compared to that one.
  • Keli says it might be useful to reach out to other Samigo developers besides the ones at IU.
  • Brian would be willing to help test, and Mary as well.
  • We can share screens over the phone or whatever with other developers.
  • Keli will follow up to set up a meeting offline.
  • Joe and Brian intend on being at Sakai conference. If there is still a hackathon room, that would be a great time to knock out some accessibility issues.





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