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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-22-12
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  • Joe Humbert, IUPUI
  • Indiana University student
  • Eli Cochran, UC Berkeley
  • Scott Williams, University of Michigan


  • Sakai OAE
    • Background on OAE review
    • OAE v1.1 review
      • Testing Updates
      • Issues/ concerns
      • Update on walkthrough scripts
    • Other OAE work
  • Any Other Business
    • UC Berkley’s accessibility review of OAE


Sakai OAE

Background on OAE Review

  • Joe Humbert: since this is Eli's first teleconference call for the Sakai accessibility working group in a while, Joe gave Eli in the group an overview of the Sakai OAE version 1.1 accessibility review process:
    • The original idea came from an e-mail request to Brian Richwine regarding the accessibility status of OAE. Since a review hadn't been done of OAE, Joe decided in addition to responding to the e-mail questions here put together a full review of the accessibility of Sakai OAE version 1.1
    • In early February, Joe began working in all the prep work needed for the review (review page, test scripts, testing server, etc.).
    • The review kickoff teleconference would be held on March 8, 2012. It was originally due to be held a few weeks earlier but due to conflicts it was moved out.
    • Many of the test scripts Joe created were based off of QA scripts created by Kent Fitzgerald for the Sakai OAE QA initiative. Joe modified them to be more friendly to adaptive technology testing.
    • The review is going to be as extensive as possible, Joe had identified 32 functional areas as high priority for review.
    • In addition to the normal review reports and jira tickets that will be filed, a 3 to 4 page comprehensive report will be created that will talk about the state of accessibility for Sakai OAE. This report will include: a summary of all the accessibility issues, which issues have already been addressed and the associated jira tickets, the major reoccurring accessibility issues, and if possible accessibility roadmap.
    • The review will be conducted until the second or third week of April and then Joe will collect all the reports and compile them into the final report as well as new jira tickets.
    • The comprehensive report will be released as a draft to the Sakai working group before the April 18, 2012 teleconference. After the group has a chance review the document, it will be released widely through the Sakai accessibility working group confluence pages.

OAE v1.1 review

Testing updates
  • Scott Williams: stated he is almost done with his assigned testing and will upload the reports once it is all been completed. He will also choose more functional areas to test.
  • None.
Update on walk-through scripts
  • Joe Humbert: stated he is finished editing all the previously created walk-through scripts. He will try to work on more before the next teleconference, but unfortunately will not get walk-through scripts done for every single functional area.
  • Joe Humbert: if you're imaging testing on a functional area and there is no walk-through script. You can look at previous walk-through scripts as reference or just explore the tool as best you can and fill out the reporting template.

Other OAE work

  • Joe: Gonzalo and I along with the other OAE UI development staff have been working on currently open accessibility Jiras. Some progress has been made, but there are still multiple outstanding issues that need to be addressed before the next release.

Any other business

University of California Accessibility review of OAE

  • Eli Cochran: stated that the UCOE group at UC Davis' office of the president conducted an impromptu accessibility review of Sakai OAE. He believes it might have been in a hybrid environment. As soon as he gets report, he will pass along to the group. He is not sure who was in charge of the review or who requested it. He is also going to look at the accessibility of OAE with this coworker, Lucy Greco.

End of meeting

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