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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 03-15-12
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  • Donna Goodin
  • Joe Humbert
  • Mary Stores

OAE Accessibility Review

  • The OAE review was supposed to take off a few weeks ago, but no one could make it to the meeting.
  • The official kickoff was last week to start testing.
  • The goal is to review the high priority functional areas. The functions may be evolving over time.
  • In OAE, there are no specific tools. Instead, the accessibility review will be done according to functional areas.
  • There is a little over a month to get the review done.

OAE Updates

  • Version 1.2 is about to be released.
  • A couple new features were added, and some changes have been made from 1.1.

Reasons For Not Yet Testing Version 1.2

  • Version 1.2 is still in flux. Until they have set down a release, testing won't be possible.
  • Tool testing results would vary from day to day.
  • The Server would have to be refreshed with each new update, and data would then need to be renewed.
  • Work done the previous day might get lost as a result.

Reasons for Conducting An Accessibility OAE Review

  • A review is important because there is no information available about the accessibility OAE.
  • Apparently one university got a report from an outside organization on whether or not OAE was accessible, but that is all the information Joe has at the moment.
  • A request was submitted at the end of January for an accessibility review of OAE. Brian Richwine received this request.

OAE Accessibility Review News

  • there are 120 functional areas, but they can't all be covered due to lack of resources.
  • Joe is about two walkthrough scripts away from finalizing the ones he already created.
  • There are 15 high functioning areas where walkthrough scripts aren't created.
  • There are about 30 high functioning walkthrough scripts.
  • Pleas sign up for tool tests on the Sakai OAE Accessibility Review page
  • Donna would be willing to test with the Mac using Voiceover.
  • She will start with JAWS first in order to get a baseline, and then use Voiceover.
  • 8 walkthroughs are done. Joe hopes to have 10-15 done next week at least in draft form.
  • April 14 is the deadline for testing, since Joe will be out of town starting April 20, and the results need to be finalized by that time.
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