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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 02-24-2011
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  • Mike Elledge
  • Joe Humbert
  • Gonzalo Silverio
  • Mary Stores
  • Brian Richwine

Sakai 2.8 Review

  • Gonzalo has done work for the list navigator buttons, e.g. the buttons that use the < and > symbols.
  • Scott has been doing accessibility reviews, but he cannot give an update since he is not on the call.
  • Brian is starting to put together a framework for the new, current accessibility documentation.
  • This will be the first review we've done since we've come up with the accessibility statements, so the documentation will include those.
  • Everyone should look at the statements to see if they are still in agreement with them.
  • Brian will publish an outline on showing each page in the wiki and see how the documentation applies.
  • Gonzalo has been going over open issues in Jira, and there is still a long list.
  • Some have been resolved but not closed.
  • accessibility issues include: link text not meaningful, unlabeled check boxes, etc.
  • So accessibility issues list needs updated.

Accessibility Certification for Sakai

  • Mike sent a spreadsheet of consulting groups that might provide certification for Sakai to the Accessibility WG mailing list yesterday.
  • Mike is familiar with NFB and SSB because he has seen them at conferences.
  • A couple people will do usability testing with people with disabilities, but that will be more expensive.
  • DEQ does the actual testing for the NFB.
    *Jon Gunderson responded, along with one other person.
  • Jon's opinion is that the NFB would be the most important since they do functional testing with people with disabilities.
  • NetCentric is primarily a PDF organization, so they probably won't make much since to use them for the Sakai certification process.
  • Mike knows quite a few people from the Pacielo group, but he has not seen their work.
  • WebAIM is well respected and have a large number of people with disabilities that follow them.
  • Also WebAIM does the screen reader survey, but Mike has not seen their work.
  • The rest he doesn't know about.
  • The next step, with Nate Angell's feedback, is to identify the core tools, subset of the tools, ones typically in bundle that people use.
  • Return Nate Angell's communication back to the Sakai Accessibility WG, and include the list Mike has put together in a letter to Alan Berg so the process can move forward.
  • The goal is to have this done by March 10.

Sakai-Related Presentations

  • the Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Center (ATAC) at IU will be giving a presentation on Monday to faculty who are interested in creating accessible content for Oncourse.
  • Then on Tuesday, the ATAC will be presenting to Oncourse developers.
  • * On March 16, there will be a CSUN conference session comparing four LMSs: Sakai, Desire2Learn, Blackboard and Moodle. Brian will be a co-presenter.

Sakai 2.9

  • There is a group at MSU that is going to work on the 2,9 portal. Gonzalo will be involved and will be asking for accessibility feedback.
  • So far it's graphic-based markups.
  • 2.9 will be released a year or so from now.
  • 2.9 is already in the trunk. it might be a branch or set of options in the trunk. Gonzalo will send an e-mail to the list.
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