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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 02-09-2012
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  • Scott Williams - University of Michigan
  • Joe Humbert - IUPUI
  • Mary Stores - Indiana University Bloomington
  • Gonzalo Silverio - University of Michigan
  • Donna Goodin - University of Michigan
  • IU Student

Update on Sakai 2.9 Review

Status of 2.9 Release

  • Another beta tag release (2.9.0-b02) was released on 1/27/2012.
  • A new beta will be released every two weeks until the release team determines they are ready for a release candidate.

Updating Accessibility Working Group QA Server

  • Since there is a new beta release, Brian will update the test server over the weekend. (All data will be reset).
  • Brian will keep up with the latest beta release, updating the server about a week after each new 2.9 beta is released.

Filing Jiras

New Jiras

  • Joe has begun to file new Jira tickets and will continue to file new Jira tickets the next two weeks. He will begin with the blocker/critical issues for all reports and the move down the priorities.
  • Joe may need to modify the priority level so it peaks the interest of developers who can address the issue and suggested resolution.

Outstanding Issues

  • There are still numerous outstanding issues that need to be filed as Jiras. Joe will continue cross referencing current Jira tickets with the 2.9 review results and create new Jira tickets as needed

Neoportal Work with Gonzalo

  • Joe will contact Gonzalo to arrange time next week to coordinate 2.9 work.

Discussion of Collaborative Forum and Portal Chat Tool Testing

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  • The group meet last Tuesday, January 31st, 2012, and collaboratively tested the neoportal chat tool and the forum tool.
  • The testing went well and was very informative to all involved.
  • The neoportal chat tool was tested first and the forums tool second.
  • Scott inquired how the testing was conducte.
    • Joe explained that individual user names were created for each tester.
    • The Teleconference phone was used for communication.

Testing Notes

  • Extensive notes were taken during the testing.
  • The IU student inquired when the notes will be posted from the testing.
    • Joe responded that the notes have been sent to the participants for review.
    • The participants have till next Thursday, February 16th, 2012, to make comments, changes, additions and removals.
    • The notes will then be posted to the wiki and any issues found will be prioritized with Jira tickets created.
  • Joe asked the testers present on the teleconference for feedback on the testing.
    • Gonzalo commented that the neoportal chat tool was a bad tool to start testing on because it is overly complex.
    • Gonzalo felt that the group's time and energy is best spent testing tools that have a high usage rate among all users.
      • Joe responded that Brian had suggested the neoportal chat tool would be a good tool to test collaboratively because the function of the tool requires testing with more than 1 person asynchronously.
    • Donna commented that it was hard to track both the telephone conversation and her screen reading software (JAWS) at the same time.
    • Donna suggested a more detailed plan of action be sent out a few days in advance of testing that includes the tools and pages that will be tested.  The plan would allow testers to become familiar with the tools before testing commences.
    • Donna thanked Joe for compiling the notes from the testing.

Future Collaborative Testing

  • Joe asked if there are an other tools that would be good candidates for future collaborative testing.
    • Gonzalo suggested:
      • Forums (retesting/further testing)
      • Messaging tool
      • Chat room tool
  • The IU student said that she would like to be notified of future testing so that she may participate.

Other Testing

  • Joe asked if other work group members had accomplished Independent Sakai 2.9 testing.
    • Scott commented that he has not done any testing since the last meeting.
    • Donna comment that she did some independent testing of the forums to supplement the collaborative testing conducted by the group.
  • Joe indicated that there were a number of high priority tools that have yet to be tested for 2.9.  He encouraged WG members to sign up an test these tools before the next teleconference.

Sakai OAE

Sakai OAE v1.1 review

  • Joe stated that he is prepping all the necessary materials for the accessibility review of Sakai OAE v1.1. This includes:
    • Testing protocols (based off of 2.9 review protocols)
    • Walk through scripts
    • Reporting templates (based off of 2.9 review templates)
    • Supporting pages on the working group wiki
  • Joe indicated that the testing will be similar to the 2.x reviews. He explained that Sakai OAE does not have dedicated tools, but rather functional areas.
  • The Sakai OAE v1.1 review will kick of at the next accessibility working group meeting on February 23rd, 2012.
  •  The testing phase of the review with end on April 5th, 2012, to allow the results to be complied and Jira tickets to be filed.

Other Sakai OAE Work

  • Gonzalo commented that Sakai OAE is a web 2.0 platform with a lot of things happening in the background.
    • This will lead to lots of issues where ARIA attributes and states as well as focus will need to be managed to make Sakai OAE accessible to all users.
  • Gonzalo commented that he feels the people involved in the development of Sakai OAE need some help in understanding the importance of certain accessibility issues.
    • Joe inquired if video of these issues would help the developers.
    • Scott volunteered to look into video training that deal with keyboard focus issues.
  • Joe suggested that collaborative testing should be included during the Sakai OAE v1.1 review.

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