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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 01-26-2012
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  • Scott Williams - University of Michigan
  • Joe Humbert - IUPUI
  • Mary Stores - Indiana University Bloomington
  • Gonzalo Silverio - University of Michigan

Sakai 2.9 Update

  • the test server is updated to 2.9 beta 1.
  • All information is refreshed.
  • Standard user accounts are there, but the rest has been wiped away.
  • Accessibility WG can do testing in the next two weeks.

Jira Update

  • Brian has not had a chance to file any of the new jiras.
  • Joe will continue this process.


  • Brian wanted to work directly with Gonzalo, but he has not had time.
  • Gonzalo does not know the list of things that Brian had wanted to work on, so Joe will find out and work with Gonzalo.


  • There have been changes to the Forums tool from 2.8, so the Accessibility WG needs to retest this tool to discover accessible and inaccessible features.
  • Brian has not done any hard research on Moodle, only that there are Moodle demo servers.
  • He will try and do testing on that.

Other Testing

  • Other tools need testing for 2.9 review.
  • Joe will pick these up where Brian left off.
  • Scott started testing the Messaging tool.
  • Scott says there are three others that need to be tested as well. He will update us next meeting.
  • Testing will be ongoing until they put a freeze on the code, or the next release candidate comes out. There is still time.

Sakai OAE

  • Joe received responses to some questions and answers about a full review for Sakai OAE.
  • The plan is to base the structure of of the accessibility review in a similar way to the way 2.9 reviews are being conducted, with some differences.
  • Pages will be set up on the Accessibility WG wiki.
  • Functional areas will be tested instead of tools.
  • Joe will write walkthrough scripts.
  • Joe's goal is to have all the wiki pages and walkthroughs ready by February 23, so the WG can begin testing Sakai OAE 1.1.
  • Joe hopes testing will be done, Jiras entered, and an accessibility statement on the status of OAE on April 20.
  • Joe continues to work on Sakai OAE, along with Gonzalo. They are coming up with guidelines for developers.
  • The guidelines document will be sent to the Accessibility WG and the OAE group. It contains huristics in regards to focus issues and how to add information.
  • It is a set of recommendations having to do with the nature of OAE; it's not a web page but more an application.
  • Joe wants to send that out by January 31.

Collaborative Test Planned for January 31

  • * Two tools will be tested on Tuesday, January 31 at 2 PM.
  • Forums is the highest priority tool that we will test.
  • We will also test Chat. Gonzalo says this should be a lower priority tool, because not many people will be suing it.
  • Joe was thinking of about 30-60 minutes to test the Chat tool.
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