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  • Accessibility WG Teleconference Minutes 01-14-2010
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Sakai Teleconference 01-16-2010

Meeting notes taken by Mary Stores


  • Joe Humbert, IUPUI
  • Lucy Greco, UC Berkley
  • Sean Keagan;
  • Scott Williams, UM
  • Brian Richwine, IU
  • Eli Cochran, Berkley
  • Mary Stores

Accessibility statement and goals discussion:

  • First paragraph will be rewritten so that the wording includes Sakai foundation. Eli will edit it. It has been posted to the accessibility working group wiki. However, changes will be made via e-mail and updated by Brian on the wiki. Eli will rewrite first paragraph.
  • Eli believes that the product council and governing board should buy into the goals and statement.
  • The Sakai 3 goals should live in the Sakai 3 space, as well as the accessibility working group space. It would be good to reference the documents in other parts of Confluence, but Eli does not know specific places yet.
  • Eli will discuss with Brian about taking it to the broader community, primarily the Web Developer and Ux e-mail lists, as well as the management list.
  • Sean's concern: do we need to talk about meeting or exceeding legislative requirements?
  • Better to say meeting international standards because many legislative standards are based off the WCAG standards.
  • Consensus is that a high level of accessibility will be achieved for the most number of people and in the process, legislative requirements will be met as well.
  • Our goal is to design 3 to ensure accessibility for the highest amount of users with the goal to meet international requirements. To ensure that, our goal is to meet WCAG A, and SA compliance. Scrap 508. Brian can rewrite 2nd paragraph.
  • The goals also refer to Sec. 508 and DHTML style guide. Look on confluence site and post comments to e-mail. using references like Sec. 508 or DHTML is a good reference, but these recommendations should guide, not prescribe accessibility.

    Working on Wiki vs. Email

  • Question was asked if working on the wiki vs. through email was preferred. Mary said she didn't know if Confluence was accessible.
  • Email poses problems to. Comments woven into forwarded emails is difficult to follow with a screen reader. Can't tell who is speaking.
  • Lucy and Mary recommend keeping rewrites at the top of emails.

    Wiki space:

  • Although IU results from 2.5 and 2.6 have been posted, Brian would like to get hold of other people's results.
  • Brian will contact Mike to try and collect results.

    Sakai 2.7 Accessibility Review

  • No one knows the status of the QA for 2.7. Brian will e-mail Alan Berg to start accessibility review 2.7. Eli suggests sending e-mail to QA list in general.
  • Brian will set up pages in the wiki for the 2.7 review.

    Sakai 3

  • Email to UX list introducing the Accessibility WG was well received; now need to keep the energy up.
  • Mary and Brian looking at the Sakai 3 demo server to check for accessibility issues