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Welcome to the Sakai Community's project team wiki. This wiki serves as a collaborative workbench for community contributors and is home to project information, release documentation, conference materials, meeting agendas and minutes as well profiles on individual Sakai contributors.

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Legal stuff

This forum has been created for communication about the Sakai online collaboration and learning environment, a project of the Apereo Foundation, a non-profit organization. By participating in this forum, you agree

  1. that unless otherwise clearly indicated, all of your communications are intended as contributions to the Foundation on behalf of yourself or your institution under the terms of a Contributor License Agreement or a Corporate Contributor License Agreement between your institution and the Apereo Foundation, as applicable. If no such agreement is on file, you agree your contribution may be used under the terms of the Educational Community License Version 2.0 or future versions of the Educational Community License promulgated by the Apereo Foundation;
  2. and you represent that to the best of your knowledge, either you have all rights required to make such contribution, or you are proposing the use of third party open source software and have identified the software and the relevant license.
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